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Opening Times




All children should be accompanied to the door every morning by 8.50 am and collected from the door in the afternoon at 3 pm. The reception classes and Mrs Thomas' year 1 class are collected from the reception entrance. The parents of Miss Evans' year 1 class and the year 2 classes should wait by the entrance to year 2 by the back of the foundation phase hall.




The Junior gate is opened at 8.30 am when children may walk down to the playground. Staff members are on duty from 8.40 am and the bell rings at 8.50 am for the start of the day. Junior children should not be waiting on the premises before 8.40 am unless they are in Breakfast Club. Any pupil on-site before this time is at the parent's own risk and the school cannot provide cover on the yard until 8.40 am.

Home-time is at 3.15 pm and parents are asked to wait alongside the path. Parents of children in years 3 and 4 should wait on the main path near the junior entrance and years 5 and 6 by the main gates.