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Meet the Staff

Meet some of our Staff...





Mr Jamie Tennant

Headteacher SLT

Mrs Claire Riley

Nursery teacher

Miss Laura Evans

Nursery teacher

Mrs Carol Ley

Nursery TA

Mrs Jan Roberts

Nursery TA

Mr Owen Wynne

Reception teacher

Mrs Jackie Jones

Deputy Headteacher / Reception teacher

Mrs Catherine Harrison

Reception TA

Miss Keeley Martin 

Reception TA

Ms Louise Brookes

Reception TA

Mrs Jane Martin (1:1)

Year 1 TA

Mrs Lisa Mushrow

HLTA (PPA) First Aider

Miss Francesca Roberts-Lamb

Year 1 teacher

Miss Sarah Pitt

Year 1 teacher (maternity leave)

Miss Susannah Evans

Year 1 teacher

Mrs Nic Whitehead

Year 1 TA First Aider

Mrs Hazel Morris

Year 1 TA

Mrs Jackie Haden (M,T,W)

Year 2 teacher

Mrs Miriam Morgans (Th, F)

Year 2 teacher

Mr Stephen Williams

Year 2 teacher SLT

Mrs Nicki Cook

Year 2 TA PT

Mrs Lara Hilton

Year 2 TA PT

Miss Bethan Parry

Year 2 TA

Miss Kelly-Marie Williams 

Year 3 teacher PT (maternity leave)

Miss Kathryn Jones

Year 3 teacher 

Mrs Ruth Williams 

Deputy Headteacher PT (Th/F)

Year 3 teacher 

Ms Anita McLachlan

Year 3 TA

Mrs Mandy Elmer (1:1)Year 3 TA

Mrs Rachel Thomas

Year 4 teacher PT

Mrs Kelly Price

Year 4 teacher PT

Mrs Sharon Edwards

Year 4 teacher

Ms Paula Poynton

Year 4 TA

Mrs Debra Jones

Year 5 teacher

Mr J Prytherch

Year 5 teacher

Mrs Cath Jones

Year 5 TA

Miss Beth Jones (1:1)

Year 5 TA

Mrs Mandy Elmer (1:1)

Year 5 TA

Mrs Tamzin Watterson

Year 6 teacher SLT

Miss Sophie Kendrick

Year 6 teacher

Ms Lucy Humphreys

Year 6 TA

Mrs Liz Davies (M,T,W)

Deputy Headteacher Juniors and ALNCO

Mrs Kirsty Jones 

Nurture Assistant

Ms Michele Pritchard

Intervention PT


Support Team




Sue Leonard 

Business Manager 

Alison Cooper

Nancy Jones (M,T,Th,F)

School Secretaries


Steve Hunt

Site Supervisor

All TAs FP


Lucy Humphreys

Senior MDSA Juniors

Anita McLachlan, Mandy Elmer, Paula Poynton, Cath Jones, Beth Jones



After School Clubs




Nicki Cook

Little Rascals Manager

Carol Ley (Assistant Manager)

Louise Brooks

Bethan Parry   

Kirsty Jones 

Kerri McIntosh

Nic Whitehead

Cath Jones 

Beth Jones

Little Rascals Staff

Lucy Humphreys 

7 2 11 Manager

Anita McLachlan (Assistant Manager)

Mandy Elmer

Cath Jones

Beth Jones

Nathan McLachlan

Chris Hopkins

7 2 11 Staff

Sue Jones (Governor)


Kirsty Jones


Cath Jones



Kitchen Team




Debbie Moore

School Cook 

 Tracy Deveraux, Sue Robinson

Catering Assistants


External Support





School Nurse

Claire Collins

Screening nurse

Beth Kensall

Ed Psych

Anna Hargreaves

Education Welfare officer


Governors - see dedicated website page 'Governors'