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Homework reminder:  The pupils brought home a 'menu' of 1960s themed activities to choose from for their homework tasks for this half term.  The deadline for returning their work (or submitting it on the google classroom/email) is Friday, 5th July.  They will then be sharing their work with the class the following week.  Thank you for all the items already shared with us.  


Due to year 6 being very busy with their show rehearsals and various trips and visitors, we are not sending spelling lists home for the last few weeks of the year.  


Keep up the practice on ttrockstars for maths homework.  The better and faster you can recall them the better - your year 7 teachers will expect you to know them.  


Mrs W and Mr C

Homework / Spellings year 6.  



Due to the upcoming National Tests in reading, maths and mathematical reasoning, and our Cardiff residential, we will be giving the children in year 6 a break from homework for the next few weeks.  


Thank you
Mrs W and Mr C

05.04.18 and half term homework year 6


Both classes have been set a selection of activities to complete on mymaths.  There are a range of topics covered.  Some are easier than others.  We do not expect every task to be completed, but a variety of tasks are there so that the children can target areas they are less confident with.  Or get stuck in and do as many as possible.  Little and often, rather than all in one go.  


As an element of this year's tests for maths will be completed by the children online, this is valuable practice doing their maths in this way, so please do support the children with helping them get online to do their tasks. 


Mymaths may need flash to be enabled to run on a pc or chromebook. 
And you may need to download the (free) puffin browser if using an ipad. 


Thank you

Mr Clubley and Mrs Watterson



Homework for this week is about poems.  Your task is to find a favourite poem.  

Copy it out neatly, or type it out.  You could illustrate it to suit the content of the poem.  

Underneath, say what the poem is about and why you like it.  

We will be creating a class anthology of the poems next week.  Please bring it in by Tuesday.  


Thank you. 

Homework this week for both groups is maths.  Mrs W's class should have brought theirs home, along with a guide sheet in case they forget any of the steps, in their maths homework books. 



Welcome to Year 6!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.
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25th January, 


Homework for year 6 this week is maths.  Both classes have been signed up for  They should have a parent letter that gives them their username and password for them to see if they want to logon and play at home.  It is a great resource for improving times tables in a fun way.  


They have also brought home the letter for the end of year party - fun times ahead!  Please return the letter asap. 


Mrs W and Mr C

Week ending 18th January 2019


Homework for both classes this week is a maths homework. 
Mr Clubley's maths group have a mymaths homework. 
Mrs Watterson's group have a maths homework book with mixed maths problems glued in, to keep them ticking over with lots of concepts.  To be completed by Friday, to be discussed and looked at together in the lesson - don't forget those books! 


Please also remember to bring a reading book and your reading record to school daily, and to keep reading at home - 3 times a week minimum.  


TW and GC

Happy New Year and welcome back to year 6. 


This week's homework for Mrs Watterson's maths group is a mymaths homework recapping the work on rounding numbers that we did last term. There's an easier version for everyone to try, rounding 10,100, 1000 and then a more challenging one, rounding including decimals.  


Due to be completed by Friday, 18th January. 


Mrs Watterson 

Homework 30th November. 

Busy, busy, busy at the moment. 


Words for those in year 6 who requested speaking parts in our carol concert have been given out to learn. 
All children have received a copy of the song words to learn too. 


If you have an acting part, please bring in a costume for your part asap. 


This week's homework links to the work on explanation writing that we are doing in class.  They are to design, draw and label a cracking contraption of their own.  This will be used in class to write their own explanation text.  



Week beginning 26th November

This week's homework is a maths homework

- for Mr C's class, in a maths homework book. 

- for Mrs W's class, on mymaths (paper copy available if required)



10th November

This week's homework is to research their own questions about the topic 'Light' and to create an interesting, informative and attractive fact page about the questions they find out about. 

The homework is due back on Monday, 19th November. 

Mrs W and Mr C

Half term homework


See attached sheet for details. 
Your homework is to design and create a maths-themed board game and the instructions to accompany. 


You have half term and the following week to create them.  Due back on the Friday of the first week back.  

Otherwise, enjoy your holidays. 
Mrs W and Mr G

19th October 2018


This week's homework is a research task.  We are discovering information about natural disasters from 2018 as part of our Our World Week. 


See the attached sheet if it is missing from homework books!



A huge well done to all the pupils for excellent behaviour this week.  The ladies at the records office called the school specifically to say how well they had been working up at the records office researching the fallen soldiers of WW1. 

Today's trip to the replica WW1 trenches in Park Hall Farm was very successful and also saw superb behaviour.  The children asked lots of questions about the trenches and the items in the museum areas.  Well done all.

Following on from the trip, this week's homework is a comprehension activity.  It's not in the homework books for two reasons.  1 - it will be added into our topic books with our other WW1 topic work when returned to school.  2 - we need to keep the learning logs in school for our biography writing this week. Please return to school by Thursday.


Thank you,
The year 6 team. 

Homework for year 6 this week is a mymaths activity which rehearses the work we've been doing on adding (and subtracting) decimals.  They are reminded that the key thing is to line up the decimal point when they write it down to solve the question. 

In addition, the St Asaph Christmas card competition information has gone home.  We had some winners last year, so good luck to all those who take part.  


Mrs Watterson and Mr Clubley. 

A warm welcome to the new year sixes, from a new team of year 6 teachers! 

The classes have settled into their new classrooms brilliantly and made a great start to the new year.  


This week's homework is in the learning log books.  The children are to look at the different classroom jobs that they would like to do and to tick any they are interested in from the list, then to write a short letter of application underneath.  These will be shared in class and used when we are choosing new year 6 responsibilities.  


Mr Clubley and Mrs Watterson

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