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Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our Motto  

Happy Valuing Caring School (HVCS)


Our Mission Statement

Serving our local community by providing exceptional learning experiences

founded on Christian Values.


Our Vision and Purpose


We want to develop a friendly, fun atmosphere that enables all within it to thrive. Success is achieved through lively, enquiring minds that recognise, and celebrate, their own and others’ achievements.



We want to, through Christian Values, recognise our children's unique talents. We will develop their understanding of the need to treat others how they wish to be treated by supporting them in recognising that everybody is different, and everyone is equal. We will value all pupils' contributions to all aspects of school life in order for them to become healthy, confident individuals.



We want to develop and nurture healthy, confident, ethically informed individuals through Christian Values. This enables all children to develop an empathy for our local community, Wales and the Wider World.



We want to develop our school to become a place where children feel safe and secure. They will be willing, and able, to take risks in their learning in an environment that encourages risk, with resilient, creative and enterprising children.



Our 12 Christian Values are:

Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship, Respect, Thankfulness, Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service and Truthfulness.



Our Curriculum Vision

As we enter a period of reflection and change, we have also created a New Curriculum Vision to reflect the changes to our forthcoming curriculum.


At Hawarden Village Church School we believe our curriculum needs to be...


Engaging and Creative: Children need stimulus to thrive and be creative and our curriculum will allow their natural creativity to flourish.


Collaborative and Inclusive: We believe that learning is a collaborative process between teachers, parents, learners and other stakeholders. Our curriculum will include everyone as all of our children will be treated equally and given the same opportunities.


Dynamic and Responsive: We want our curriculum to allow children to direct their own learning, responding to their interests as they arise. We will work flexibly, responding to the bigger picture as events happen.


Challenging but Supportive: We believe that pupils of all abilities can achieve, and our curriculum will provide the opportunity to do this. We believe that all children have the right to a balanced education that allows them to become successful in life. We believe that all pupils should be supported in their learning.


Based on our Christian Values with a World Wide outlook: Our curriculum will create learners that value each other, are happy and caring people and enjoy learning whatever their age. Our curriculum will use the teachings of Christ to support children’s understanding of how to be a good Christian.