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Online Safety

Some general tips on staying safe online


1. How to lock your social media setting:

There is a Social Media section on their page offering a ‘step by step’ guide on how to set the security setting for each site.  


2. If you receive a suspicious text message, forward it to 7726


3. If you receive a suspicious email, forward it to

4. Check for data lost by checking your email address or phone number at:  


5. Protect your online world with good strong passwords. 'Three Random Words'


6. Use this free password checker to see if your current password is any good!  


7. Reduce unwanted incoming calls


REMEMBER Always report any suspicious activity online, particularly if you are concerned with content your child has seen, or if someone has been speaking to your child you do not know.


All Social Media Sites contain adult material, so negotiating Social Media can be difficult for a child.


Further information and support can be found on:





Safer Internet Day 2024 will take place on the 6th of February 2024, with celebrations and learning based around the theme 'Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online'. Safer Internet Day is the UK's biggest celebration of online safety.

Tuesday 7th February 2023 = Safer Internet Day

Exploring respect and relationships online

'Want to talk about it.'

This year's theme for Safer Internet Day is 'Want to talk about it'. Read Miss Jones' special presentation below to find out more.


It's always good to talk about what you're doing online with trusted people, both when good things are happening and if bad things happen too. 


Please remember my email is always open ( if you have any questions/concerns.


Many thanks for your continued support,


Miss K Jones

A message from our Digital Leader, Miss Kathryn Jones



I'm the Digital Leader here at HVCS and your 'go to' if you have any questions or concerns which are technology/online related.  

Please read the 2 PDFs below, featuring important information about staying safe online and appropriate use of apps and websites.


I shall be in touch throughout the year together with our wonderful team of Digital Wizards as we strive to achieve our digital vision. 


Our digital vision here at HVCS is:

Learning together to motivate, inspire and challenge each other to become confident digital users in an ever-changing world.

HAPPY school community working together.

VALUING ourselves’ and others’ digital well-being by staying safe online.

CARING for our future selves by gaining technology skills now. SCHOOL is the place where our digital journey starts to help build us a brighter future.  

I'm here to help in any way I can so please don't hesitate to contact me on the gate at 3:15pm or  via email on

Please take a moment to look at the websites below, offering good advice and handy hints to help protect your family online.


Remember: Today's issues become tomorrow's problems unless all children have the right attitude online. 

At what age can my child start social media networking?