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Opening Times, Drop-off/Pick-up

September Arrangements...



Nursery - Gate no. 1

Reception - Yellow gates

Year 1 - Gate no. 2

Year 2 - Gate no. 1

Year 3 - Gate no. 3

Year 4 - Gate no. 4 (class 11), Gate no. 2 (class 12) 

Year 5 - Gate no. 2 (class 13), Gate no. 4 (class 14)

Year 6 - Gate no. 3 

Nursery & Reception

Parents from Nursery and Reception may enter the school site. Please follow the one-way system to avoid congestion.



Drop-off Parents and children enter site via Gate 1. Nursery staff meet children on arrival and escort indoors. 

Pick-up Parents to enter site via Gate 1 and wait along the steps. Private nurseries/childminders to wait at the bottom of steps and collect children first. 

Everyone to exit site following path to left and out through Gate 2, using the one-way system.



Parents and children enter/exit site via main gates and drop-off/pick-up at Yellow Gates, to RHS of main entrance.


Don't forget to let the office know if someone else is collecting your child, even if it's a grandparent - thank you!


All Other Year Groups

Please note your child's gate number and timings on the PDF document above. Please be prompt, not too early or late. Foundation Phase staff greet children and escort them indoors. Junior children will be invited to walk down to school independently WHEN a member of staff is at the gate. 


7211 Breakfast Club

Please remind your child to use the footpath down to school, not the main driveway, as vehicles are in motion - deliveries, staff arriving etc.