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Year 1 Blind Taste Tests, May 2021 PIC TO FOLLOW

Year 1 Measuring Intestines, May 2021 PIC TO FOLLOW

Year 1 Learning about Senses, May 2021

Year 5 Sugary Drinks, April 2021

Year 4 Handwriting Practice, April 2021

Year 2 Making a Timeline, April 2021

Year 3 Freeze Frames, April 2021

Nursery 5 Little Speckled Frogs, April 2021

Nursery Painting Sunflowers, April 2021

Reception, April 2021

Year 2 Chilling out with a Book, April 2021

Year 3 Map reading Skills, April 2021

Year 4 #hvcsambitiousandcapable Battle of Bosworth, April 2021

Year 5 Power Maths, April 2021

Year 6 Cube Bubble Blowers, April 2021

Reception Outdoor Learning Week, April 2021

Y6 Digging our 'Trench', April 2021

Y5 Forest School and Tidying Up! April 2021

Y3 Celtic Designs and Faith Garden, April 2021

Y2 Rugby Skills, April 2021

Y1 PE and Outdoor Learning Week, April 2021

Y6 Outdoor Learning Week, April 2021

Y4 Outdoor Learning Week, April 2021

Y5 Outdoor Learning in the Faith Garden, April 2021

Y1 Friendship Potions, April 2021

Reception 3D Shapes, April 2021

Y2 Gardening, April 2021

Y3 Rugby, April 2021

Y4 Learning to code using Scratch, April 2021

Y6 Rugby, April 2021

Red Nose Day 2021!

Easter celebrations in Nursery, March 2021

Year 2 Easter Egg Hunt, March 2021

Y2 Environmental Art Project, March 2021

The Story of Holy Week in Y3, March 2021

Holy Week Reception children made palm leaves for the parade - watch the video clip here: Holy Week Parade


Y4 Power Maths, March 2021

Remember these? 14th Feb 2019: First Landing in UK of Beluga XL at Airbus Broughton.