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School Gateway & Online Payments

Online Payments for school meals, snack money, trips etc

Please pay online for everything, including fruit, school meals and trips. This means you can manage your child's account and keep up-to-date with payments. Full details of how to register can be found below. There's also a direct link to School Gateway to get you started.  

Please register with the School Gateway online payment system, a parent management tool that provides an at-a-glance record of your child’s account balances.


Please DO NOT bring cash or cheques into school – thank you.


Visit and click on 'New User’ to receive a personal PIN or download the School Gateway app onto your smartphone from the App Store. To avoid costly debit/credit card charges, we use the ‘Instant Bank Transfer’ payment method, and you only need to register your account details once via the web.


Wherever possible, please pay in advance for the whole term or year as the school is charged for every online transaction.


Please note Mobile number and email address must match the ones we have on our school database.


Dinner Money (Y5 and Y6 pupils only) For regular diners, please pay in advance for school meals every Monday to cover the whole week. Prices are subject to change but are currently £14 per week (£2.80 a day). For children having the odd ad-hoc school meal (e.g. theme days, roast dinner Wednesdays and box meal Fridays), we have adjusted the minimum online payment to £2.80 to cover the cost of one school meal. This should help you keep on top of your child's dinner money account and ensure it's always up-to-date. 


***We shall keep you posted about the WG's rollout of Universal Primary Free School Meals for Y5s and Y6s.***


Fruit Money for Reception to Year 2 inclusive The minimum online payment is £13 to cover the cost of one term. To pay the balance off quicker, add more than one instalment to your basket (£39 for the whole academic year).


Nursery Snack Money The total cost for their snack is £108 (£3 per week) - we have set up 9 instalments of £12. Please note this amount also covers cookery activities and a gift at the end of each term. To pay the balance off quicker, add multiple instalments to your basket.


Other items that may appear on your School Gateway account include School Trips (individually priced), Y5/Y6 Swimming Lessons, Junior Ties etc - relevant to individual year groups.