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Welcome to Reception!

We have two Reception classes:


Class 3: Mr Owen Wynne is the teacher

Class 4: Mrs Jackie Jones is the teacher and also Deputy Head of Foundation Phase


Both classes are supported by a dedicated team of teaching assistants.


Check this page regularly for updates and don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest news: @YRHVCS 



Friday 11th September 2020, 1st week in school!


Welcome to our Reception Blog page...


We have had a fantastic week in Reception. The children have settled incredibly well and we are so proud of the way they have come into school each day in their class lines. Again, we would like to give parents and carers a great BIG thankyou for your help with this, you have all been fantastic.


We have posted some photographs on Twitter this week and will be posting more next week. We will also be giving out details of how you can access our Seesaw app at home, hopefully by the end of the week. Using this app you will be able to see what your child has been doing in school each day. We will also be using this platform to send out any home learning activities in the future.


It has been great to find out about each child's interests this week and to listen to them talking about their families and friends. It is so lovely to see them reunited with their friends at last, and having fun together.


On Friday, we had a super ending to the week and although the children were very tired by the afternoon, they all showed us how well they are getting used to the new routines.


Next week, we are starting our Floppy's Phonics scheme and we will let you know how you can get involved at the end of the week. Our Power Maths Scheme will also get underway and everything will be done practically through planned play activities - so lots of fun to be had by all!


Remember that Wednesday is own clothes day and the children can wear comfortable clothes that they can get messy in. No shoe laces please! Next week is forecast to be sunny, so please make sure your child has sun-cream on before they come to school. A sun hat is also really important as we try to be outside as much as possible.


Enjoy your weekend and get lots of rest, see you on Monday!


The Reception Team







Monday 5th May


Hi all, 


We hope you are enjoying the activities on SeeSaw. We have certainly enjoyed seeing all of your posts and photos. We hope you saw all the pirates on Twitter this weekend!


This week's activities are based on 'The Hungry Caterpillar' - please see the message on SeeSaw for details of the activities. Here are some extra Hungry Caterpillar Activities if you want to do more. 


Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions. Enjoy!


Mrs Jones and Mr Wynne



Friday 24th April 2020


Hi all,


Again, Mr Wynne and I have had lots of fun looking at your work this week. You are all doing very well with tricky words and it’s good to see that some of you are playing the games with flashcards from our website blog to help you to learn them. Your pattern work is also looking great. We particularly loved the Evil pea parties and ideas for traps. It’s good to see you having fun with your learning.


Today is the final day for 'Supertato' on White Rose maths. Today’s activity is about sprouting your own vegetables and watching them grow. There's a 100 square so that you can record their growth. We would love to see your own super veggie designs too. Please go to and take a photograph to show us what you have done.


From now on, we would like to make Friday 'Photo Friday'. Choose your favourite activity at home so far and put a photograph of it on See-Saw saying why you enjoyed it. There are so many amazing things on See-Saw and we would love you to share your ideas with the rest of the class. Post the photograph you have chosen on your See-Saw journal (labelled favourite activity) as soon as you can and we will include it in a class Twitter collage ready for the weekend.


Finally, we have another sequencing activity for you on See-Saw, and there's also a new activity on School Jam.


We know you all love to get outside, so why not try a scavenger hunt?


We have had a few problems this week with passwords and internet access but, hopefully, these have now been resolved. Thank you for all the wonderful things you are doing, keep having fun and enjoy your weekend.


Mrs Jones and Mr Wynne



Monday 20th April 2020


Thank you for all the lovely Easter activities you have shared with us on Seesaw - it looks like you have been very busy and have had lots of fun with your families.


This week we will be carrying on with our Dinosaur Topic, but next week we will start a new topic. Check the topic ideas we gave you and see which ones you would like to complete before we start our new topic.


Our Maths Topic this week is 'pattern' and we will be sending some activities on School Jam for you to do. On School Jam, too, there will be an explanation for Mums and Dads about how 'pattern' fits into our maths scheme. Please remember to look at this as well as completing the activities on Seesaw.


We would also like you to practise your tricky words this week, so perhaps today you would like to make some flash cards of the tricky words - see below. We have also put together some ideas of games you could play with your family, as well as flash card templates and a tricky word mat for Phase two words.


We hope you have all seen the video that we made for you and hope it made you smile. We are all missing you so much!


The Reception Team

March 13th 2020


What a super week we have had in Reception this week. In the Forest we have been building nests for our team to fit in and then we pretended to be baby owls. The weather was kind to us and we even had some sunshine. Well done for all that team work everyone. It was so lovely to see the children helping each other to carry logs and sharing ideas about how the nest should be built.


Our Maths this week was all about directions and we have been practising left and right and following directions. Next week we will be looking at 3D shapes and learning their names. Hopefully we will be building models with different shapes. 


Floppy's Phonics is moving on to digraphs and this week we had a tricky sound -dge as in bridge. We were so pleased with the way the children were able to blend and write words using this sound. Next week we move on to wh and -ve.


Enjoy your weekend and keep safe. The children should be experts at handwashing now singing Happy Birthday twice!


The Reception Team


February 28th 2020


Hi All,

It was great to see everyone at parents' evening this week. The children were so pleased that you had all enjoyed looking at their work.


We had a fantastic time at Forest School this week, finding forest treasures and learning about being safe. We listened to Supertato stories in class and have made a Supertato of our own to be brought home next week. Our maths has been extending our knowledge of number bonds to ten and we hope you enjoy the School Jam activities related to this.


We are moving on to blends in our phonics this week and have practised ch and qu. The tiles have gone in book-bags today so we hope you enjoy making some of your own words with them.


Next week is Welsh Week and also World Book Day on Thursday, so along with Forest School it is a particularly busy week. We are hoping the children will dress up as their favourite book character on Thursday and everyone is looking forward to seeing Mr Wynne's outfit! Please remember your Welsh homework. We have had a couple of children's work back already, but need everyone to join in for our Eisteddfod competition.

Enjoy your weekend,

Many thanks,

The Reception team

February 14th 2020


Dear All,

Happy Valentine's Day and we hope you are looking forward to a lovely half term break.


This week has been Safer Internet week and we have been talking about what sort of messages we can send over the internet. We used paper cup telephones to send kind words to each other in class. 


We have been building on our work in Power Maths from last week on part whole models and used ten frames to find as many different ways to make ten as we could. We hope you enjoy the activities on School Jam this week related to adding to ten.


In Floppy's Phonics we are coming on to blends and the children are realising that sometimes two letters can make one sound. We are delighted that the children are spelling more complex words now like puzzle and muzzle. They are using the letter tiles that we have sent home to build these words, so we hope that you are enjoying using them at home too.


After half term we will be starting our Forest Time sessions, with Class 4 starting on the first Monday back and Class 3 on the Tuesday. The children will need to wear old clothes on these days each week as they will be getting muddy, so will need to have their wellies back in school in a named bag. 


Have a fun-filled week!


The Reception team





We have had another busy week in Reception. Children have been continuing with their Power Maths sessions by adding two parts together to make a whole. It has been good to see that lots of children are using the School Jam app at home, which will allow children to consolidate the skills they have learnt in the classroom. 


Continuing with our theme of Superheroes, children have been working very hard to paint their very own version of themselves as a superhero. Children have also been busy writing this week, thinking of powers they would have if they were a superhero. We have had lots of lovely ideas ranging from wind power to being able to shoot out water to save ducks that don't have anywhere to swim! 


Children have also been busy looking at our school badge and the meaning behind it. The children have come up with lots of wonderful questions that we hope to send to people with a connection to the school so that we can find out lots of information.


We hope you have a super weekend and look forward to seeing the children for more fun on Monday.


The Reception Team

Friday 24th January 2020



It has been another busy week in Reception. This week children have been continuing to practise their counting skills in our Power Maths sessions and are making good progress. Hopefully you have all received log-in details for School Jam. This will help you understand what your child is learning in school and help you to support your child with their maths.


We have taken part in the RSPB Big School Bird Watch and the children have had lots of fun looking for different birds. Next week we will be making pictograms to display our results and making bird cakes to encourage more birds to our school grounds.


We have also had Mrs Downes (the Education Officer from the St Asaph Diocese) visit us to deliver a session to the children about why we are special, which they thoroughly enjoyed!


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.


The Reception Team


Happy New Year to you all!


Welcome back,


We have been busy this week getting ready for our new topic of Superheroes.Thank you to everyone who has completed pages on the School Jam app. This will help your children to build on the skills they have learnt in school.


Next week we will be working on number bonds to 10. In Floppy's Phonics we will be learning our final level one sound which will be 'ss'. We will be assessing the children then moving on to level two sounds. Thank you for your continued support reading with your child at home - this will have a huge impact on your child's progress. 


Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to practise word building with the letter tiles sent home.


The Reception Team

What another wonderful week it has been in Reception. We are so proud of the children for their concert performances. Thank you all for your support and the lovely costumes you have provided. 


Monday is our 'party day' and the children can come to school in their party outfits for the day. We have lots of lovely Christmas activities and games planned and we will post some photographs on twitter for you to see.


We are still working hard with our Floppy's Phonics and next week we will be learning l and ll and continuing to word build. We will also be writing about the Christmas Story and recording some nativity role play on Seesaw. 


Enjoy your weekend and we are looking forward to seeing all of the children's party outfits on Monday. 


Thank you for your continued support,


The Reception Team 

Dear All,

It's been a busy week in Reception. Christmas has arrived and the glitter and sparkles are out. Reverend Andrea came in on Thursday and lit our first Advent Candle. Mary, Joseph and the Donkey (The Travelling Nativity) have had fun joining our 'Provision' areas and resting in our 'Contemplation' areas.


We have been rehearsing for our Christmas Concert and the children are excited to show you their songs. Thank you for the beautiful costumes that have arrived this week. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


We are still working hard on out Floppy's Phonics sounds and this week's sound tiles b and h are in book-bags today. We have also been practising writing numbers to 10 and matching numicon shapes to numbers.


Next Friday is Christmas Jumper Day so we look forward to seeing the different outfits. 

Enjoy your weekend,


The Reception Team

Dear All, 

We are enjoying learning the songs for our Christmas Concert. A letter has been sent home in book-bags today - please digest.

Many thanks for your support,

The Reception Team

November 15th 2019


Another busy week in Reception.

Thank you all for your contributions to the Children in Need fundraising and for all the wonderful Pudsey Bear outfits. We had great fun joining in with a morning workout with Joe Wicks!


The Book Fair also arrived today and we visited with the children to look at some of the exciting books that are available. If you would like your child to buy a book, please send the money in a named envelope on Monday and we will make sure that they get the book they want.


We have added another two letters to our Floppy's Phonics tiles and the children have been impressing us with the words that they can make with the tiles already. Thank you for your support with this at home. 


Our mathematics next week will be finding one more and one less and making up stories about disappearing objects so that we can find out how many are left! 


We will also be using our Mr Benn clothes shops in each classroom to act out stories and use the coins 1p, 2p 5p and 10p to pay for items.


We are hoping to set up a music area outdoors in the next couple of weeks and would be grateful for any old saucepans, wooden spoons, or pieces of drainpipe that we could make use of.


Enjoy your weekend, hopefully the weather will improve.


The Reception Team





November 8th 2019

Welcome back all, we hope you had a fun half term. 


We have had a very busy time in Reception this week. We have been making firework pictures and getting our role play areas ready for a dressing-up shop. In mathematics we learnt about more and fewer and how to line up and match objects to show how many more there are.

We have sent out new Oxford Reading Tree books and enjoyed sharing them individually with the children.

Please remember that the children may be very tired when they get home so always read the book to them first before encouraging them to have a go themselves. 


Thank you to everyone who has sent in their photograph of their family or a certificate. We have shared them at Circle Time this week and recorded things that we are proud of in our books. We loved hearing about their families and skills outside school.


We have sent home the next letter tiles today, so we hope you enjoy making words with them and practising the sounds at home.


Next week we will be learning c and k and our Maths work will involve finding one more or one less of a group of objects. 


Words that we have been learning this week are more, fewer, forwards, backwards, how many, first, then, now, one less, one more, order. In literacy we are talking about stories in terms of now, next, after that and finally.

We hope you have a fun weekend and look forward to starting out new letter sounds on Monday.

The Reception Team

Magical Me (25th October 2019)


Next half term we are continuing with our theme of  'Magical Me'. 


Our theme is ‘I belong to’ and we will be talking about belonging to our family, to our class and to our school; as well as to the wider community through our Village Trail. 


Please could your child bring in a certificate or photograph of something outside of school that they belong to.


This could be a swimming club, dance class, football, drama etc. Or indeed something from within the family such as a holiday photo showing different members of the family; or perhaps learning a new skill with your brothers or sisters or grandparents.


We will then have a Circle Time, where the children will talk to their group about their photograph or certificate. 


In the meantime, have a very well-deserved half term break and thank you to all the children for being so amazing this half term!


Many thanks for your support with this,


The Reception Team.

This is a useful web site and has e-books that you can read together at home.