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Year 4 Spring Term Homework

Year 4 Homework (Class 11 & Class 12)

2nd half of Autumn Term

6th November 2019

Class 12 Homework: Mrs Edwards

25th October 2019



Every Friday, children will be given a new times tables sheet to complete. Please could you check the answers on their homework and mark them together. The aim is for them to complete it in 6 minutes, therefore they will need to continue to practise throughout the week. 


A great way to do this is on TTRockstars (they have their own login details) or on a free game called Hit the Button ( Both can be accessed on iphones, ipads, tablets or laptops. 


The homework book needs to be returned on Thursdays. 



Also, children need to go onto This is also free!  On Fridays, we go through their spellings and the rule. We use the words as part or our morning activities. It would be great if children could practise 3 or 4 times a week. It should only take 5/10 minutes.


From time to time, they may also get a piece of homework related to the topic we are learning. 



It goes without saying that reading is of utmost importance. I appreciate with clubs and family time it can be difficult to squeeze in, however, it is so beneficial for, not only reading and comprehension, but their writing also. Sometimes just reading one page and discussing what you have read is just as important as reading 5 pages! Please try to aim for 3 or 4 times a week. Children will still enjoy you reading to them, too, and they will get to hear your expression and how you use punctuation as signposts.  




I tend to put a lot of photos on Twitter, so it would be lovely if you followed us on @y4hvcs. I also put lots of updates to show you what we are doing in maths, literacy and other subjects, and hopefully this will help you to support what we are doing at school, especially with maths.

Spring Term Spellings