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Year 3

Week 27th January - 31st January


This week the children have been clearing the weeds in the spiritual garden. The children enjoyed getting muddy and they have enjoyed seeing the difference they have made so far to certain areas in the garden. The children will be planting bulbs in the spiritual garden soon. The children have written beautiful prayers which will be laminated and put up in the spiritual garden. The children wrote what they were thankful for and they also wrote one thing that they wanted to pray for. Some of the prayers brought us close to tears!

The children have been completing some more work on money in maths and they have been looking at similes in their topic work. They have also been working on the story of Abraham in RE, they have looked at animal adaptation in Science and they have been using familiar language patterns in Welsh. Another busy week! 


We know we have said this before but it is really important that all children bring in their reading book, reading record and a water bottle into school every day.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Team 

Forest School Clothes


The children have had a visit from the NSPCC this week. Hopefully they came home with the messages that they learnt from the assembly about speaking out and that no form of abuse is acceptable. The children were also told the number for Childline. As well as this assembly the children have completed work in Science, Welsh, PE, Guided Reading, they have written their own set of dragon instructions and we have been working on pounds and pence in Maths.


Some children have brought in some of the work that they have done from their homework tasks and what we have seen so far is fantastic. We have seen dragon masks, dragon models, we have heard dragon poems and we have heard dragon stories. Well done to those children who are completing their homework tasks.


On Wednesday 29th January, we will be completing work on the Spiritual garden. The children will need to come to school in clothes which are warm and also clothes that they do not mind getting dirty. They will need to bring a waterproof coat because we will be going outside even if it is raining. The children will need to bring in a change of footwear because the Spiritual garden is muddy and the footwear needs to come to school in a bag that is clearly labelled with their name. If the children have gardening gloves at home, please could they bring them in with them as the school only has a limited number of gardening gloves available. Thank you.


We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Team



The Roar of the Dragon Homework


The children will be bringing their homework books home today with the new homework tasks for this term. Some of the ideas for the homework tasks were given by the children themselves. The children can bring in their homework to show us after they've completed each task if they so wish or they can bring it back in the last week before the Easter holidays. We look forward to seeing what the children produce.  


The children have had another busy week with multiplying and dividing by 3 and 4 in maths, they have completed 5 sessions of guided reading, they have performed and written instructions for 'How to trap a Dragon', they have written New Year's Resolutions for the classroom and at home, they have completed magnet investigations in Science and they have been busy throwing, catching and shooting in P.E plus a few more activities.


There are still a few children without PE kits in school so please can these be brought in on Monday. Also, just another reminder that reading books, reading records and water bottles need to be brought to school every day.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Team

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


Blwyddyn newydd dda to you all. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas. We all had a lovely time but we were ready to come back to school to get back into a routine and step away from all of the left over food!!


The children have come back to school this week ready to learn and they have finished excellent work already and have been really busy. We have completed a maths investigation and two PowerMaths lessons. The children have done some self and peer assessment this week of their English story and their homework. We have completed five sessions of guided reading, a Welsh lesson, a PE lesson and the children have given us fantastic ideas for our Dragon topic and have already drawn some beautiful dragons.


We will be starting our Dragon topic next week. Homework books will be handed out next week too for the children to start the homework tasks for the term. Please can any homework books still at home be returned to school. 


PE kits need to be returned to school as soon as possible please as there are two PE lessons planned for next week.


Please can the children make sure that they bring into school their reading books, reading records and water bottles every day.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday.


The Year 3 Team

Christmas Holiday Homework


During the holidays, your teachers would like you to:


  • Spend time with the people that you care about
  • Do the things that you enjoy
  • Eat food that you love
  • Watch your favourite programme or film
  • Make somebody laugh or smile
  • Do something nice for somebody else
  • Visit your favourite place
  • Play with your toys


And finally...


Come back to school ready to learn!


We would like to say a huge thank you for all of our Christmas cards and gifts. You have been really kind.


Just before we finish the post we would like to say that we were extremely proud of the children during the Christmas carol concert on Monday night. We thought their singing and their behaviour was excellent. Well done to all of you.


We wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy and healthy 2020. Enjoy the festivities and we will see you all on Tuesday 7th January 2020.


Many thanks for all of your help and support this year.

The Year 3 Team

Christmas Concert


The children have been doing a lot of rehearsing for the Christmas concert tomorrow night. 
The concert begins at 6 in Saint Deiniol’s Church. The children will need to be at the Church by 5.45 wearing their costume. The Church will be cold so the children will need to ensure that they have appropriate clothing on under their costume as they will not be able to wear their coat in Church. 
We look forward to seeing you all there. It will guarantee to get you in the Christmas mood!

The Year 3 Team

Christmas Stockings and Costumes


Thank you to everyone who was available to come and help with the Christmas stockings this week. The children have really enjoyed the design and technology project so far and everyone has been able to cut out their stocking and practise their blanket stitch. It will be on to sewing their actual stockings from Monday and then decorating them following their final design.

If anyone is free and is able to help with the stockings next week, then the time we are doing them is listed below:


Monday afternoon - 1pm - 3pm

Tuesday morning - 9.10am - 12 midday

Tuesday afternoon - 1pm - 3pm

Friday morning - 9.10 - 12 midday


Any help given is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


On Thursday, we will be asking the children to dress up in their nativity costume so that we can practise the scene that the children will be creating in Church. Please can all costumes be brought to school by Wednesday December 11th so that they are in school ready for Thursday.


Please can all children ensure that they have a PE kit in school because we have got PE lessons planned for next week. The children will be bringing the PE kits home on the last week of the half term for a wash and some of them need a wash now after the muddy conditions we have had!!


On Thursday afternoon next week we will be going to the panto and on Friday it is Christmas jumper day.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Team

Homework for 2nd December 2019


We have had another busy week in Year 3 and we are looking forward to starting our Christmas topic next week. Just a reminder that Christmas stocking homework needs to be brought back to school on Monday please as the children will be looking at and using the homework on Monday afternoon. 


We sent a letter home yesterday asking for adult help to support the children with their cutting and sewing skills in order to make their Christmas stocking. If the letter did not make it home to you, the times that we need adult help are listed below. We appreciate that parents work and that you are very busy and we really do appreciate any time that you are able to give. 


Monday 2nd December - 1pm - 3pm

Tuesday 3rd December - 1pm - 3pm

Wednesday 4th December - 9.10am - 12 midday

Monday 9th December - 1pm - 3pm

Tuesday 10th December - 9.10am - 12.00 midday

Tuesday 10th December - 1pm - 3pm

Friday 13th December - 9.10am - 12.00 midday


If you can give any of your time and you did not receive a letter then please let the school office know when you can come in or send a note into school with your child. Many thanks in advance.


An email was also sent out yesterday asking for the children to wear a nativity costume for the Year 3 / 4 Christmas Carol Service. The children can choose which costume they would like to wear, e.g., they may want to dress as Mary, Joseph, the Kings, the shepherds or any of the other characters or animals that are present in the nativity story. We appreciate that Christmas is an expensive and busy time (we are all parents ourselves) so we do not expect you to go out and buy a brand new costume, the children can adapt some of the clothes that you have in your household, e.g., if your child wants to be an angel and they have a white dress at home, then they could make a head piece and that is their costume done. If your child has a dressing gown and you have a tea towel then that's your shepherd sorted!! Let your child use their imagination!

If you need any help with your child's costume or if you have any questions, please come and ask us. We would be delighted to help.


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

The Year 3 Team



Homework - 22nd November 2019


We sent out extra homework on Friday in preparation for our Design and Technology project. We will be making Christmas Stockings for the children to bring home in time to hang up for Christmas. For the homework, we would like the children to research Christmas stockings. The children can think about the size, shape and colour of Christmas stockings. They can research the history of the stocking and the types of materials used to make and decorate them. The children can write, draw or add pieces of material to their homework to show what they have researched. The homework has been kept loose because we will add their research to their Design and Technology folder. Homework is to be brought back to school on Monday 2nd December. Please can you ensure that the children's names are written somewhere on the homework.


We hope the children have been enjoying the homework tasks in their homework books. Some children have brought in what they have done so far to show us and the class and we have read some great poems and seen some excellent rockets. The children can bring their homework book in after each task that they have chosen to do or they can bring their book in at the end of the half term. Please can the children try to do at least four of the tasks given before the end of the half term.


As well as the homework in their homework book, the most important piece of homework that the children can do is reading at home. The children will benefit greatly from regular practice at home and will also benefit from listening to a story being read to them as well. Please can the children read at least three times a week at home and it be recorded in their reading record. Reading books and reading records need to be brought in to school every day.


During PE this week, a few of the children's shirts have been mixed up and misplaced. Please can you check your child's shirts to make sure that they have not brought the wrong shirt home! 


The children have been practising the songs for the Christmas concert and the songs are starting to sound great. The songs are on the website if the children do want to practise at home. We are sure you may have already heard the children singing the songs at home and may already know the words yourselves!! Please check the newsletter for the Christmas concert date and times and for any other dates that may concern you over the next few weeks. 


We will be sending a letter out this week asking for adult help concerning the making of the Christmas stockings. We have had Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles in class over the years helping the children to make their stockings. Even if you can only spare an hour, your help will be greatly appreciated!


We hope you have had a brilliant weekend.

See you all tomorrow.

Year 3 Team

Hi All,


Sorry for the lack of communications of late - we've had a few technical issues but all back up and running now!  We've been busy focusing on our new text 'The Tin Forest' and learning about different types of habitats and how animals are adapted to living in them.


Next Tuesday we plan to sit the final one of our national tests (the online maths paper) so early to bed on Monday please! 


Homework has gone out tonight - it is to last until after half term to ensure pupils have enough time to produce detailed research.  Pupils need to find out about plastic pollution and its affects - they can present their findings anyway they wish.


Enjoy the weekend!

The Year 3 Team.

Hi all,

We've had a busy start to the Summer term in Year 3, welcoming back both Mrs and Miss Williams to the team.  We've started our new topic by exploring the habitats around school and thinking about what makes a good habitat.


Homework is a worksheet on perimeter linking to our class work this week, pupils should complete it on the sheet.


Please could all pupils, who haven't already done so, return their PE kits to school on Tuesday ready for the term ahead. Thank you.


Enjoy the extra long weekend!

The Year 3 Team 

Hi All!

We've finally reached the end of a very busy term!  We've had a wonderful final week celebrating Holy Week, the children have really enjoyed learning about the Easter story and taking part in Easter crafts.


Homework this week is a couple of example papers for the national testing that will take place after half term.  We wanted to give pupils a chance to become familiar with the style of questions they will face in a relaxed situation first.  As much help and explanation as needed can be given at home as this is just a chance to have a go and become familiar with he question types.  Due to the photocopy being black and white pupils will be unable to complete Q4 on the reasoning paper, just leave this out.


We hope you all enjoy a relaxing Easter break!


The Year 3 Team


Hi All, 

What a beautiful end to the week!   We've been out and about again in Year 3 with a visit to Airbus for 3W.  Back in school we have been busy writing about the Roman army and preparing some treats for Mother's day - we hope you like them!


Homework this week is a research task to find out about Roman houses and homes.  Pupils have free choice on how to present their work but there should be a combination of words and pictures.  Thank you for the renewed effort with TT Rockstars - there are some fierce battles now being fought!


We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and a relaxing Mothering Sunday!


Thank you,

The Year 3 Team.

Hi All,


We had another lovely week in Year 3 and everyone has been working hard.  3T really enjoyed their trip to Airbus to learn about flight and have been putting their newly learnt knowledge into use when planning their paper plane investigations.

Both classes have been learning about life in the Roman army - a weekend trip to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester would really help to extend pupil's learning (it's free!)

Homework this week is a sheet linking to our class work on weight. Answers need to be written in their homework books.   A few children are still not not using TT Rockstars, please try to encourage them - every little helps!  If they need a new password please request one.

Next Wednesday 3RW will be visiting Airbus, it's only a quick visit so school uniform as normal and pupils do not need to take anything with them.  We will be back in time for lunch.


Enjoy the weekend,

The Year3 Team



Hi All,


This week we have been busy learning all about the Celtic way of life.  As I'm sure you can see from the pictures on Twitter, we had a brilliant time on our school trip and the staff were so proud of the pupils who displayed excellent behaviour.


We have started a new topic on weight in Maths and have had lots of hands on experience of using the weighing scales - we will be continuing with this next week.


Homework this week is a comparison of their own home with a Celtic Roundhouse - it needs to be completed on the sheet.  Can we also remind about home reading and TT Rockstars.


Thank you,

The Year 3 team





Hi All,

We've all enjoyed a fantastic Welsh Week in Year 3; we've been animating traditional welsh tales, planning tours around the country, re-designing flags and even had a go a traditional welsh dancing.

Homework this weekend is a sheet on number sequences (to be completed on the sheet).  We would also like to remind pupils about using TT Rockstars at home, this is such a useful way to learn their times-tables!

Next week will bring our first trip to Groundworks to experience a day as Celts.  Don't forget to pay online if you haven't already done so.  Pupils will need to wrap up warm and bring a packed lunch.  Pupils can have some blue face paint put  on during the course of the day; please let your child know if you do not wish this to happen.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team.




Hi All,

We've had another busy week in Year 3 learning all about time and timetables and we've started exploring features of non-fiction texts in English.


Homework this week is a reading comprehension based on a non-fiction text to support our work in English.  Pupils can answer the questions directly onto the sheet.


Hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 team.



Hi All,

What an exciting week, we've been finding out all about Chinese New Year and had a go at dragon dancing!


Homework is a worksheet on 2D shape linking to the work covered in class over the past week.  It is to be completed in homework books and please remember to use a ruler when drawing shapes.  


Please can we remind all pupils about reading daily at home and making sure that books and records are in school each day.  Can we also remind pupils about leaving PE kits in school, a few have been forgetting to bring them in lately.


Thank you,

The Year 3 Team 

1st February 2019


Hi all,

Homework this week is a Learning Log about Chinese New Year. Please feel free to present your research in any way you would like. This could be as pictures, writing, on the computer as a powerpoint or poster. Just remember to only write down things that you understand and always present your facts as neatly as possible in your Homework book.


Well done everyone for much improved reading at home over the last few weeks. We can see that it is making a positive impact at school in every lesson. Keep it up. 


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team


25th January 2019


Hi all,

Homework this week is learning Times Tables. There is an activity to do in the book but the children need a lot of practise continually until they know them inside out and back to front! This isn't going to happen over night but needs constant practise over the next few years so that their Mental maths will become easier in the future. A few questions will help to find out where your child is up to and go from there. Build up slowly and keep it fun!


Hope you have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team x


Hi all,

Our Caretaker, Mr Hunt has told us about some suspicious things happening around our school in the last few weeks and asked us to investigate! Yesterday we found a letter from a dragon pushed under the door. A copy of the letter has been stuck into the homework book and we would like the children to correct the spelling and punctuation on the sheet and copy it carefully on the next page. 


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team.


Happy New Year everybody,

As a New Year’s resolution, please listen to your child read at least 3 times per week and record this in their Reading Record. It is so important for your child to practise reading. Before Christmas the frequency of reading dwindled and this is a cause for concern if continued. Also, enjoy longer stories together at bedtime. A chapter every night? This will improve vocabulary, listening skills and help to structure writing in the future.

We have also set some subtraction homework. The sums should be set out the old fashioned way - column subtraction. Some children also have addition to do. Any problems let us know by writing in the homework book. 

Send in the PE kits for the term and remember water bottles every day.


Many thanks,

The Year 3 Team

21st December 2018


We have finally come to the end of a very long term!  The children have worked hard and are fast becoming Junior pupils in terms of maturity and responsibility. Thank you all for your support this term. We appreciate the help with readers and particularly the sewing and design work over the last few weeks. We are also very grateful for the cards, gifts and Christmas wishes. Thank you.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year,

From the Year 3 Team.

Hi all,

We have just got back from our last rehearsal in Church. It went really well and all the Year 3 and 4 staff were pleased with the readers and singing. You will have a treat on Monday night - it will get you in the Christmas spirit if you are not already!! Thank you for the costumes, all the pupils look amazing in Church. The children will come to Church - Service starts 6pm, wearing their costumes with a warm layer underneath.


We are expecting everyone to attend, so please make every effort. It is a very important part of our Church School ethos. Can you make sure your child has been to the toilet before you arrive at church.


There will be no homework this weekend, just enjoy the the celebrations and have an early night on Sunday so that your child can enjoy and take full part in the service on Monday.


Finally, a massive thank you to all the Christmas stocking helpers. The children have produced fantastic D/T work and the final product is of a very good standard. We will send it home next week once it has been photographed.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday evening,

The Year 3 Team.


7th December 2018.

Hi all,

Thank you for the fabulous Learning Logs. They are now put in the children's D/T file and forms part of the research for their D/T work this term. As you have probably heard the sewing is underway - thank you to the helpers this week! The sewing is much more professional if the children have got someone sitting with them. We have three sessions next week to complete the practical work, so any help would be welcome.


This week we sent out a copy of the words for the Christmas carol service. Homework this weekend is to learn those words and organise the costume - any character from the Nativity scene. Any problems, please let us know as there are some costumes in school - one donkey costume donated by a pupil from last year! Costumes in on Monday 10th December please.


Have a fun weekend,

The Year 3 Team

30th November 2018

Hi all,

As you know, homework this week is to complete the Stocking Learning Log. It will form part of the children's DT work for this term and go in their DT file. We will be using it in our lessons next week. Thank you to those who have volunteered your time for the sewing workshops. We really appreciate your help. If you have returned your form we look forward to seeing you at the time that you have stated. It is not too late to offer help- the more the better!

We hope your children have come home telling you about the fantastic performance of Aladin that we had in school this afternoon. It was great fun and a brilliant experience for the younger children in our school.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team

Homework - 23rd November 2018


My Learning Log

Objective: To research Christmas Stockings

Task:  In the next few weeks the children will be creating Christmas Stockings. For their homework this week we would like the children to research as much as they can about Christmas stockings.

Think about: the shape, size, colour, decoration, how they are made, the history of the Christmas stocking and the materials used to make them.

Pupils can draw pictures, write information, glue pictures or attach materials/decorations.


To be completed by Monday 3rd December. This gives two weeks to complete this task to produce really good quality homework


We are also keen for the children to be reading at least 3 times per week at home. This will help them with their confidence and is crucial for them to progress at the fastest pace possible. If they need to change their books please remind them to do it and we will do the same our end. 


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team.

16th November,

Hi all, as you know next week is Anti bullying week in school. For homework this week we would like the children to design a poster to send the message loud and clear that we are a bully free school. Any medium - colouring pencils, crayons, paint or using the computer would be great. Have fun with it!


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team. 

Hi all,

What a fantastic week it has been in year 3! Laura, our drama coach was full of praise for the children. She thought they were confident, well behaved and creative. They put on a performance for our Year 1's and the staff were amazed at what they had managed to create. You should be very proud of them all. We certainly were!

Homework this week is MyMaths. The login details have been sent home tonight - these are the same as last year. A task has been set on 2d and 3d shape. We have been working on this area of Maths this week and we will continue with it next week. So if you have any concerns that your child is finding it hard don't worry,we will go over the tasks in class. 


Have a great weekend.

The Year 3 Team.

25th October 2018,

Happy half term holiday everybody!  We have finally got there! The children are leaving their Homework books in school over the holiday. We think that they have worked very hard and deserve a rest. If you want to keep their enthusiasm going you could use the kids zone page on this website. There are lots of fun games and activities that are educational. Also Purple Mash is a very useful resource.


PE kits are coming home for a wash this week but please remember to return them on the first day back.


Have a restful holiday,

The Year 3 Team


19th October 2018,

Hi All,

Thank you for the Learning Log homework from last week. The research helped the children to create a shape poem this week and the vocabulary choices were excellent as a result. Homework for this week is...


My Learning Log

Objective: To research ‘Italy’

Task: Next week is ‘Our World Week’ in Hawarden Village Church School. In Year 3 we will be finding out about Italy. We would like you to find out as much as you can about this country and present it in any way that you would like.  

Think about: the food, the landscape, the cities, the language, famous buildings, artists etc. Travel brochures may be useful.

To be completed by Monday 22nd October will be using the information in our lessons on that day.

During the week we will be making and then eating pizza. Thus is an activity that will incorporate literacy and numeracy skills.


Don't forget to keep collecting sponsor money for our special event next Thursday.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team.

12th October 2018.

Hi all,

Homework this week is ...

My Learning Log

Objective: To be able to research.


Next week we are going to write poetry based around our novel – The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark, The animal that I have chosen is __________________________

 Please create a Learning Log about this animal for homework this week.



Think about: The types of animal, their habitats, their food, what they look like or even how they fly/move. Remember you can draw, write, and use pictures from magazines or the internet to make your work more interesting. If possible write down a bank of words that you could use to describe your animal.


To be completed by Monday 15th or Tuesday 16th October.



Also we would like the children to read at home at least 3 times per week. They need their reading books in school every day and they come home every night. The children change their own book when they have finished reading it but it must be written down in their reading record to say that they have finished it. 


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team

Homework - 5th October 2018


For homework this week please use your Purple Mash login card that is stuck into the front of your book. Search for Purple Mash and use your username and password to log on to your account. First, navigate around the site to get your bearings. Then, click on the Maths section and play on the games - 2Simple Table Toons is a good place to start. In your Homework book write down a times table that you would like to learn. This will be different for you all. Please test yourself and work out what you know already.

Have fun!


Hi all,

This week has flown by and we have begun our main topic of the term - Night vs Day! On Transition day way back in July we asked the children what they would like to learn about and we have designed our curriculum according to what they suggested. We are looking forward to working with their ideas. 


Homework this week is the Christmas card competition for our Bishop. The instructions are on the sheet that came home today so have fun and enjoy the task together. We have had great success with this competition in the past with the winning entry made into the card that the Bishop sends all over the world. You do have to stick closely to the guidelines, so read them carefully. 


The Mile a Day is going very well in Year 3 - hope you saw the pics on Twitter? Just a reminder that the children really do need a water bottle in school every day so they can keep hydrated after they have completed their run.


Finally, the children need to bring their reading books in to school every day from now on and they will bring it home every night so you can read together. 


Have a fabulous weekend,

The Year 3 Team. x 



Hi all,

Friendship Day was a great success yesterday. The children responded extremely well to the activities and ethos of the day. We wrote a recount of the day today and the results were impressive. 


Homework - 21st September 2018
Objective - To research an animal from the story of Noah’s Ark
Next week, we will be completing some work on the story of Noah’s Ark
from the Old Testament. From this work we will create a display for the
junior hall. Homework this week is to research an animal in preparation for
this work. My animal is... (this section will be filled in so that we get a range of animals)
Think about - What your animal looks like, what it eats, where it lives, it’s
predators and if it is endangered.
Remember you can draw, write, use information from the internet, cut out
pictures from magazines or newspapers. Please use pencil to write and
colouring pencils to colour your pictures.
To be completed by Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th September at the latest.


Reading books have come home this week. Thank you for your patience! We have put the children onto a book that we feel is suitable for them at the moment, in line with the results of the testing we have done over the last few weeks. Next week we will be reviewing the books again in Guided Reading sessions.


Please remember that the children need their water bottles and PE kits every day.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team


Hi all,

It was great to meet some of you on Wednesday evening - putting faces to names is always useful. We look forward to meeting everyone else over the next few weeks or Parents Evening before half term. We will be bringing the children up to meet you at the end of the day next week so if you want to quickly introduce yourself then, feel free. The week after we will dismiss the children from the classrooms like the other junior children.


Next week we will be having Friendship day! This is part of our work to allow the children to get to know their new classes. So far we are delighted with how the children have mingled and formed new friendships. The homework this weekend is to prepare for this special day. Please see the Homework book for instructions. 


As Mr Tennant said on Wednesday evening, the staff are attending lots of training courses over the year. This keeps things fresh and helps the children in the long run. I (Mrs Williams) have been on a Welsh course and will also be attending on Monday too. So expect to hear lots of Welsh over the coming months. 


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team. 

A very warm welcome to all our new Y3 parents!


Although it has been a very short first week for the children, they are ready for a rest at the weekend! As are we!! There has been so much for them to take on board but as a year group we feel that they have settled quickly into the new routines in the juniors.

As you know you are invited to our Meet the Teacher session on Wednesday evening and we can answer any questions that you may have regarding the routines in Year 3. In the meantime, PE days are Monday and Tuesday so all kits need to be in school next week and remain in school for the half term. We will send them home for a wash over the half term holiday. Kit should be black/navy shorts, a plain white tee shirt and trainers or pumps. Girls who have their ears pierced must be able to take them out themselves or cover them with tape/plasters from home. Practising speedy changing and doing up ties would be most appreciated!!


Tonight, we have sent home the old reading records with their last reading book from Year 2. Please re read this book and return it to school on Monday with the new reading record. Next week, we will be assessing the children and issuing a new book. We will complete this process by the end of next week so please be patient. We know you will be keen to get reading again ASAP. 

Looking forward to seeing you all next week,

The Year 3 team.




Hi all,


Just a quick note to say thank you for all our gifts and cards that we have recieved over the last week. It is great to read the messages from you all. We have had a brilliant year in Year 3 this year and the children have made excellent progress by working hard and developing a good attitude to their work.


Thank you to the staff - we shall miss Mrs Haden - who is returning to year 2 and Mrs Pointon who will move on to year 4 with the children. Thank you both for your hard work this year. Also, a massive thank you to Mrs Mac who works incredibly hard in Year 3 and Miss Williams who is kept very busy at home looking after her two lovely boys. 


Finally a big thank you to all our parents, particularly if you have helped with trips or workshops over the year. We wish you a happy and restful holiday.


Mrs Williams, Mrs Mac, Mrs Pointon and Mrs Haden.


Hi all,


The Forest School transition day on Monday was a great success! Our biggest challenge was keeping cool. The Y3 children were fantastic in their role as 'helpers' with the Y2 pupils and did themselves proud. Hope you saw the activities on Twitter? If you did you can see why we asked for the natural objects. The art work really did look stunning, as did the wildflower meadow created using chalk. 


Homework this week in 'My Maths' In Maths this week we have been working on shape and specifically perimeter of shapes so the children should be able to do the activity really well. As ever, let us know of any issues.


STEM week is next week and we are looking at the strength of bridges and financial education.


Enjoy the sun this weekend and remember to bring water bottles and hats to school each day.

The Year 3 Team 


Hi all,

On Monday we are having a Forest School Transition day for y2/3. The children need to come to school in their old clothes and trainers. They will be outdoors all day so will definitely need water bottles and maybe a hat. 


For Homework this week we would like the children to spend time in the garden, in the park or going for a walk to collect items for environmental art to use on Monday. Leaves, twigs, flowers can be brought into school. It will be used to create artwork on the playground and used for a photography session. So, something unusual or beautiful.


Of course the usual requests for reading and times tables. If you want any more to do there are plenty of websites that you can be directed to from this website. 


Have a great weekend and see you on Monday ready for fun in the forest!!!!


The Year 3 Team.

Hi all,

Homework this week is MyMaths. The Homework books have been sent home today so that you have got the username and password. Please return the books early next week. Also read as much as possible and enjoy books together.


The week after next we are having a Forest School Transition day for Year 2 and 3. This helps make the transition smoother between key stages and we have a positive start in September. I will let you know which day it will be in next weeks blog so that your children can wear their forest school clothes.


Hope you have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team

Thursday 7th June,


Hope you all had a nice holiday? It's been a great first week back. Beginning our mini topic - World Cup 2018 has been the highlight for many and the visit from Mark the Ventriloquist was really funny. However, we have had a fantastic day at Theatr Clwyd today, taking part in the drama workshop 'How to spot an alien'. We hope your child tells you all about it!! Pics on Twitter.


Homework this week is to collect as much information as possible for our World Cup topic. The children have all been allocated a country that is taking part in the competition. They can find out about whatever they choose. Where the country is, what kit they wear, the food they eat, what the weather is like, a player from the team, how the team prepares for their game, who the manager is???? and so on. If any parent has particular knowledge about a team/country and have some time to talk to the children then please let us know. We would be very grateful for a bit of your time.


On Friday 8th June (tomorrow) we will be going over the spelling rule, which is contractions. Next week the children will work on these words in their Guided Reading sessions each day but we won't test the children in the usual way. In Year 3 we are trialling an idea for us all to use in school from September. We  will let you know how it goes. 


Remember the usual things - PE kits, water bottles, reading books and records.


Thanks for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team. 

Thursday 24th May


This has been a very busy half term for the children. All the staff who work in year 3 agree that the children deserve a really good break over the holiday. So there will be no formal set homework. We hope that you enjoy the week off. If you get chance to practise times tables, weigh ingredients to make a cake, draw or sketch pictures of the places you see or things that you do, write a diary for the week, play games together, go for long walks, read a book, then that would be fantastic. When we return to school after the holiday we will be writing a recount in Welsh and the children will then have plenty to write about.


To end the half term with Our World Week has been fantastic and we have been able to use and apply the skills learnt earlier in the term. For example, the children were taught formally how to write instructions in English before Easter and this week they have made a pizza and written their own instructions about how to make one. They used the facts researched in their Italy Learning Logs to create a google slides (like powerpoint) presentation about Italy. You will be really impressed with how professional they look.


Have a restful holiday,

The Year 3 team.

Just to let you know that we have been conducting some inhouse reading tests this week so individual reading and daily reading have not been carried out. We have had two sessions of Guided Reading this week however, one with the teacher and one with the TA as we usually do. Next week will also be an unusual week as it is Our World Week so our regular reading routine will continue after the half term holiday. Please remind your child to change their book as they need to. 

Friday 18th May,

Hi all,

Next week is Our World Week in school and year 3 are learning about Italy. This ties in with our work on The Romans and we can build on what the children already know. We have sent a Learning Log to do this weekend and realise that this is the second one in as many weeks!! The children will be using google slides to create a powerpoint type presentation next week, so a few facts will be very useful about - food, landscape, cities, famous buildings, famous artists or even Italian football teams! Have fun with it. 

As ever, drinks bottles are important at this time of year so that the children can refill and keep hydrated during the day.


Enjoy the sunny weekend predicted whether you are watching the Royal wedding or the FA cup final or both.

The Year 3 Team




We have really got going with our last topic of Year 3 - Habitat Hassle this week. The children must decide if we should sell the land where the infant forest is situated!! They look at this issue from a woodland animal point of view and a pupil of this school. We will advise Mr Tennant of our collective decision after completing all our very important work. Hopefully the Learning Logs are well on their way and are due in on Monday.


Enjoy the weekend,

The Year 3 Team.

We have now completed two of the three National tests and the children have coped very well with them. They have worked hard and done their best - which is all we ask of them.

Thank you for ensuring good attendance. It is so much better to do the test when everyone else is.


The homework for the next two weekends is as follows-



My Learning Log

Objective: To research a woodland animal.

Task: We have just begun our last topic in year 3 - Habitat Hassle. The children will be taking on the role of a woodland animal over the next few weeks. We would like the children to research the animal that they have been given.

Think about: what the animal looks like, what it eats, where it lives (its habitat) and any other interesting facts. My animal is……………………………………………………..

To be completed by Monday 14th May at the very latest. This gives you two weeks to complete the work, take your time and do a really good job. The logs will be stuck into your topic book so please don’t glue them into your homework book. The children will be using their homework in their topic lessons.


This is a fictional scenario but the children are working on it in the character of an animal that could be in danger if the project went ahead. We are trying to keep it as 'real' as possible for the children so maybe you could help us to keep it real and discuss the 'problem' at home.  


Have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend!

See you on Tuesday for the last of the tests. 

The Year 3 Team


Hi all,


As you know the National tests are starting next week and will finish on Tuesday 8th May. We have been advised not to worry the children with too much exam prep and want the children to be as relaxed as possible about them. In saying that we would like the children to continue with their times tables work from last week, time telling and any mental calculations. We also want the children to read as much as possible.


It will be very important that the children bring a water bottle into school every day and have early nights so they are refreshed and ready to do their best.


It is the last day for Miss Williams today before she goes on her Maternity Leave. We wish her all the very for the coming weeks.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team 


Year 3 Homework 20th April


A good knowledge of your times tables helps in so many areas of mathematics. We have noticed this week when doing some work on multiplication and division that the children do not yet have quick recall of their tables. In Year 3 they should be confident with the 2x, 5x and 10x tables and be working on the 3x and 4x. There is no quick fix with learning tables, just regular practise. They need to know them mixed up and as both multiplication and divisions.

Therefore for homework we have given the children some websites to access at home that have ideas and games to help this practise. Some games can be done online and others can be done with paper and pencil. Please start with 2x,5x and 10x to build confidence, then move to 3x, 4x.

If the children would like to bring in something they have done over the weekend to show us that would be great but not compulsory as this is an ongoing homework.


Thank you for supporting your child with this

Year 3 Team

Hi all,

We hope that you had a great Easter holiday - the children have certainly come back from their holiday refreshed and ready to go! The first week has flown by and we have got straight back to it. We hope that you heard all about our Roman day from your child last night. We had 8 activities throughout the day and the highlight being the horrible histories style, Roman toilets!!! Pictures went on Twitter for you to see.  


The homework this week is to write a recount of the Roman day. This is what has been stuck into the homework books.



A Roman Recount

We had a brilliant day in Year 3 yesterday. Tony Cope brought fabulous artefacts, clothes, weapons and games that we were able to handle and play with. For homework this weekend we would like the children to write a recount of the day.

We will be looking for:

  • Good use of capital letters and full stops

  • Neat presentation

  • Plenty of time connectives, e.g., first, then, after that, finally etc.

  • A picture at the end of your recount.

Remember to say at the end of your recount if you enjoyed the day. What did you like doing best? What were you good at?

Please return your homework on Tuesday 17th April.


Can you check the recount together by reading it out aloud. We have been working on this in school to make sure the piece of writing makes sense.


There are some PE kits not returned yet after the holiday and we are taking part in some cricket sessions over the next few weeks that will be run by Cricket Wales. 


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team

Hi all,


Holy Week was a great way to end the term! The children did some fantastic Artwork about Palm Sunday using chalk in a limited number of colours. The end result was amazing and some of the best ones were chosen for a display in the link building. Da iawn pawb. We also made palm leaves and researched crosses from around the world.


Homework for over the holidays is to write a diary entry for a Celtic child in Wales. We have given some ideas to get the children started in their homework book. They can use the next page too if there isn't enough space on the given lines and some drawings would help the piece come alive. Remind them of their trip to Plas Power as they completed some of the tasks a child would be expected to do when we were there. Also plenty of reading - particularly bedtime stories where you share a book together but you read aloud to your child. Choose books together, maybe stories that you read as a child or visit the library for some inspiration.


We hope that you have a brilliant holiday and enjoy your easter eggs.


The Year 3 team.

Hi all,


Homework this week is Maths. There is a sheet stuck into the homework book. It involves money as we have been working on this topic throughout the week. We would like the children to try to show their workings out on the next page.



As you know, next week is Holy Week - this is the lead up to Easter and we will be very busy with art and design activities, research skills and drama opportunities. The morning will run as normal but every afternoon will be practical tasks. It will be a week to remember.


Have a great weekend. 

The year 3 team

We have had a brilliant day today! Even though the snow held us back last week it didn't dampen our spirits. World Book Day has been a great success. Thank you for the effort and thought that has gone into the costumes. We have had a lot of fun acting scenes from our books in class and at break times on the yard. We have also made a set of Top Trump cards as a year group of the characters that we dressed up as. These will now be laminated and can be played in Golden Time or wet play time. 


There is no formal homework today! Please enjoy reading stories at home - sharing a book is so important for the development of a child. Keep the enthusiasm going! Also don't forget to swap your voucher for a book at your local bookshop. There are some brilliant ones this year. 


As regards spellings, we will test week 6 next Friday. 


We hope all of the Mums have a lovely day on Sunday - The children have worked hard to make you all a card and have been told to be on their best behaviour!!!


Best Wishes,

The Year 3 Team 

Hi all,

What a week to finish our half term on! A fantastic trip to Plas Power - hope you heard all about it!! Pictures are on Twitter. Lots of activities for Celtic children to do, weaving, pot making, warrior training and building a roundhouse to name a few. We had a great day and the children were brilliantly behaved.


It was also  great to see so many parents this week and talk about the progress that your children have made. Please return the slips with any comments, if you have any. 


The homework this week is a Welsh Week learning Log. It has been emailed to you so get creative over the half term and enjoy the task.


Enjoy the half term,

The Year 3 team

Hi all, 

Well done to all the children who have completed the Learning Log homework. They were amazing, full of brilliant information for us to get our teeth into over the next few weeks! They have been peer assessed by your child's talking partner. They have given 2 'stars' - positive things about the logs and then a 'wish' something that can be improved. This is part of our Growth Mindset approach and Assessment For Learning strategy in school and the children really enjoy looking at another pupil's work. It gives them lots of ideas - particularly with presentation.


This week we have set a my maths task.  Please feel free to write a note in the homework book if you encounter any problems.


Just a reminder about the trip on Wednesday. A packed lunch is needed - as healthy as possible please, no fizzy drinks or glass bottles. We do have a pupil with a nut allergy so please no peanut butter butties. Old clothes - like forest school - warm, waterproof coat old trainers. We have sent an email with all the other information but contact the school if you have any queries.


Many thanks,

The Year 3 team


Hi all,

As you know there is no special homework for this week. We hope the Learning Logs are going well? Please return them on Monday as we will be using the information from them in our Topic work over the next few weeks.


We have been working on our times tables in Maths this week. It would really helpful if you spent some time helping your child to learn their times tables. Start from the beginning and keep it light and fun! Build up over the next few weeks.


Also, keep up the reading at home as it makes a massive difference with your child's progress.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team


Hi all, 

Hope you've caught us on Twitter this week? The children have really enjoyed the map work and also acting as a chief for their tribe, choosing a good location to build a settlement. Lots of discussion and opinions!

Homework this week is :

My Learning Log

Objective: To compare an aspect of life in Wales.

Task:  This half term our topic is called ‘Wales through the Ages’ and to begin with we are looking at how the Celts and Romans lived in Wales. We would like the children to research as much as they can about one aspect of life, eg food, homes, army, clothes or art and compare that one aspect from the Celtic culture and then the Roman culture.

 The information that they find out will be used in our history lessons over the next term. Children should only write down information that they understand themselves.

Information can be displayed as writing and /or pictures in your learning log.


To be completed by Monday 29th January. We have given 2 weeks for this homework so that you can take your time and produce your very best work. Have fun!

I have chosen to research- choose one aspect, for example - food


Thank you to those of you who have responded to the school trip email. We will start to discuss it with the children next week.

Have a great weekend,

The year 3 team



Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a great holiday and a good rest. Firstly, can we thank you for the fabulous Christmas gifts, cards and good wishes. They were gratefully received and enjoyed over the holiday.


It has been a good first week back. Today, spellings have been given out - Spring 1, for a test next Friday. The children need to complete the task in their book and learn their words. We are assessing the spellings next week and will move pupils accordingly into new groups if necessary. We are also assessing reading next week and individual books will be changed according to Reading Age if improvements have been made.


Home work this week is on MyMaths. The Homework books have been sent home today with all the login details (not for any other reason). Please return them on Monday so that we can stick next weeks homework in. 


Can we also remind you to get back into good routines regarding, reading - at least 3 times per week, water bottles every day and PE kits in school with trainers that fit.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team 




We finally got there!! What a long term. The longest the staff can remember. It has, however been a very successful term in year 3. Your children are blossoming into independent learners and developing many literacy, numeracy and IT skills. Crucial skills for their future learning.

A massive thank you to the family members who helped us with the Stockings project. Your help was invaluable with the cutting, sewing and decorating. We hope that you were impressed with your child's stocking when they brought them home last night and they are hanging pride of place on your christmas tree!!smiley


There will be no new homework over the holiday. I'm sure Santa will bring some new books to read or a visit to a library would be fantastic to continue with the improvements that we have seen over this term with reading. There is a My Maths homework that has been set a few weeks ago that should be complete and the first spelling list for next term will be given out on the first Friday back in January.


We cleared the peg area last night and sent home all PE kits for a well earned wash. Please return them on the first day back after Christmas.


Finally, have a wonderful time over the Christmas period.

Best Christmas wishes,

From The Year 3 Team

Hi all,

Hope you enjoyed the snow? We certainly did and on return to school on Tuesday there was still snow on our yard. At lunchtime all the junior pupils were allowed out to have a bit of fresh air and also have a 'build a snowman' competition!! The children were exceptionally behaved and fun was had by all. 


Last week Mymaths homework was set but we weren't able to tell the children about it. It is still there on the website but it says that it is overdue. Please ignore this and have a go at it this weekend. 


As you know, our Carol service is on Monday - 1:30 and 6pm. The children will walk to church together in the afternoon but will need to be brought to the church for the evening service dressed in their costume. They will come home with their costume out of school on Monday. Please ensure that your child in dressed warmly with layers underneath their costume - it was freezing there today at rehearsal!!


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team


1st December 2017

Hi all.

We hope that you are getting stuck into the Christmas Stocking Learning Log homework? Please return the homework on Monday as we will be using it in the morning lesson as research to design a Christmas stocking for D/T. We are also sending out a copy of this today...





Calling Parents, Carers and Grandparents!


The next two weeks are very busy for the Year 3 pupils and adult help would be very much appreciated!!

The Year 3 children will be designing and making Christmas Stockings. We would be very grateful for any time that you could give to assist the children with their cutting, decorating and sewing skills!

If you are able to come and help in school, please could you place a tick next to the sessions that you are available and return as soon as possible.



Child’s Name:



Monday 4th December

Afternoon – 1.00 – 3.00


Tuesday 5th December

Afternoon – 1.00 – 3.00


Thursday 7th December

Afternoon – 1.00 – 3.00


Monday 11th December

Afternoon – 1.00 – 3.00


Wednesday 13th December

Afternoon – 1.00 – 3.00


Thursday 14th December

Afternoon – 1.00 – 3.00


You really don't have to be an expert!

Also, as stated on the Nativity costume letter, we have given out the words to the songs for the carol service. Please could you make sure that your child can read them and you have got the date on your calendar. Monday 18th December at 1:30pm and 6pm in the church.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team

Hi all,

Internet problems again last week!The homework was 'My Maths' fractions work - we had been working on this theme the week before and again this week. It really helped if your child had been practising  over the weekend.

This week we have set a Learning Log.


My Learning Log

Objective: To research Christmas Stockings

Task: The week after next week the children will be designing and creating Christmas Stockings. For their homework this week we would like the children to research as much as they can about Christmas stockings.

Think about: the shape, size, colour, decoration, how they are made, the history of the Christmas stocking and the materials used to make them.

Pupils can draw pictures, write information, glue pictures or attach materials/decorations.


To be completed by Monday December 4th, this gives two weeks for you to spend time doing a really good job. We have left it loose because it will form part of their D/T file


As it is getting colder now all pupils need a coat and jumper - labelled, in school every day and can also have tracksuit for PE. 


Have a great weekend 

The Year 3 team


Hi all,

I hope your children have come home from school buzzing with news of our drama sessions this week? We had a brilliant couple of days with Laura Griffiths who helped us to put on a show at the end of the day on Thursday. The children were fantastic - both in terms of participation and behaviour! They were a real credit to us all. If you want to see some pictures, check out Twitter. Thank you to those who have paid and it's not to late to pay if you haven't yet done so. 

The whole point of the drama was to prepare the children for an extended writing task next week. The homework today is also linked with the writing task. 




Over the last few weeks we have been discussing adjectives and how they make your writing much more interesting. This homework will help your child to think of their own adjectives for the given sentences. This will then encourage them to use adjectives in their story writing. Year 3’s, please complete all of the writing in your homework book. This will help improve your handwriting as well as make your writing more exciting.


Copy out the sentences into your homework book adding in adjectives to make the sentence more interesting.

  1. The _________ man sat on his ___________ chair.

  2. Janet put on her ___________ jumper.

  3. Laura sat on the ________, ________ grass and read her _________ book.

  4. The _________, ___________ kitten played with a _______ ball of string.

  5. A _______, ________ alien landed in my __________ garden.

  6. Granny’s ________ hair looked like a _________ birds nest.

  7. The _____, _______ dog growled at the _______, _______ postman.

  8. The sunlight shone through the _________, _________ windows.

Change these boring sentences into interesting ones and write them out into your homework book.

  1. The cat sat on the mat.

  2. The dog ate a bone.

  3. The man drove the car down the street.

  4. Natalie ate an ice cream.

  5. Tommy sat on his bed.

Use each of these adjectives in a sentence and copy them into your homework book.

  1. beautiful

  2. horrible

  3. delicious

  4. fast, red

  5. crumbling, old

We are looking forward to starting to plan our stories and get writing!


Hope you have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team.


Hi all,


We finally got to the end of this long half term! It has been a very good first few weeks in year 3 and we feel that the children have worked extremely hard both in school and at home. So, we have decided not to set any formal homework over the holiday. Everyone should have come home with a reading book, their spelling lists and spelling activity that must be completed. Also, please continue with time telling and times tables. After the holiday we will be spending time using both these skills in practical situations. 2,5 and 10's, but start slowly and always keep it fun!


It has been a fantastic week to end on. Healthy Schools Week has been a great success, ending today with a Sponsored Cross Country. The children ran brilliantly and have not only improved their own fitness but also raised money for some new playground/sports equipment to continue keeping fit over the coming months. Thank you for supporting us this afternoon or with your sponsorship money. Money can be brought into school during the first week after the holiday.  Hope you have seen the week unfolding on Twitter - there has been an real mix of health related activities. Thank you Miss Williams for organising the event - no mean feat for such a big school!!



The most important thing is for everyone to return to school, refreshed and ready for new challenges. 


Have a great holiday,

The Year 3 Team

Firstly a huge apology about not posting last week! We are currently having problems with our internet but hopefully you will get this message.


Last week our homework was to practise telling the time. Thank you as it made a big difference when it came to the Maths lessons. Please continue with this throughout the year as it is an invaluable skill.


Next week it is Healthy Schools Week and our homework is to complete a Learning Log about how you and your family keep healthy. 


We are really looking forward to our lessons next week. We are going to try to exercise every day and do all our work practically. PE kit must be available in school every day. Uniform is to be worn every day apart from Friday when pupils can come to school in clothes suitable to do the cross country in. It would be great to see some of you next Friday too. You are very welcome to join in the sponsored run, raise money for the school and most importantly have fun exercising. It goes without saying, water bottles are needed every day.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team. 



Hi there,


We have had a lovely week, starting on Monday with the Harvest Festival. The children really enjoyed sharing their food produce and singing the hymns. Thank you for the food donations. It will all be going to very good local charities.


Today year 3 has had a visit from PC Ashton. She had a very important message about keeping safe online. Please re enforce this message at home and check all your devices have the necessary guards in place. 


 Next week we will be continuing with our painting topic. We do try our best to keep the children clean but accidents do happen. If you have any old shirts at home that you no longer need send them into school. We would be very grateful.


Have a smashing weekend,

The Year 3 Team.  

Hi all, 

It was great to meet you last night if you were able to call into Parents Evening. If you couldn't make it the power point presentation be will put on the web site next week. We hope that you find the information useful. If you have any thoughts about the format of the evening please let Mr Tennant know.


Homework this week is to complete the Learning Log on owls from last week - see last weeks post. Also encourage reading of any type but particularly their individual reading book.


On Monday we are going to Church for a Harvest service, Please ensure that your child brings a waterproof coat and a harvest offering. Fresh, tinned or packet food would be most welcome. All food goes to local charities and the food bank. Put the offering in a plastic bag so that your child can carry it safely.


Many thanks,

Hope you have a great weekend,

The year 3 team.

Hi all,

Another week done! Lots to report on today, the owls on Tuesday were a real hit. Steve and Margaret from Rockcliffe Raptors are frequent visitors to schools all over the area but they love coming to our school because the children are so well behaved, interested and knowledgeable. They were not disappointed this year. The children listened carefully and were really taken with the owls- hopefully you have seen the pictures on Twitter!


The homework this week follows on from our visitors. It is to do a Learning Log about owls. We appreciate that they do take a long time to do properly so we are giving the children 2 weeks to complete it. We would rather you take your time and do a good job.

This is what has been stuck into their homework book.


My Learning Log

Objective: To research owls.


This week, we have started a topic called Night v’s Day based around the novel ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. Rockcliffe Raptors, an owl sanctuary based in Connahs Quay visited Y3 on Tuesday and they brought owls for us to see and gave us a talk about them. We would like the children to create a Learning Log about owls for homework this week.



Think about: The types of owls, their habitats, their food, what they look like or even how they fly. Remember you can draw, write, and use pictures from magazines or the internet to make your work more interesting.


To be completed by Monday 2nd October.

This is 2 weeks as we want the children to produce good quality work.


Some children are still not remembering their water bottle and are getting dehydrated in the afternoons. Please label the bottle as many of them look similar. 


We look forward to seeing you next Thursday on Parents Evening. 

Have a great weekend,


The Year 3 team 

Hi all,

We hope your child came home on Thursday clutching a bag of goodies and had a smile on their face? It was Friendship Day. It was a great success, the children honed many social skills and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 


Tonight they have come home with a reading book and record. Thank you for your patience. We will monitor the level of their book throughout the term. Please read with your child at least 3 times during the week and sign the record. Dojo's can be earned, so get reading! 


Also the Spelling book should have come home. Take a little time and often throughout the week to practise writing the words for the spelling test next Friday. Remember that these words are very easy to start with but will get much harder as the term goes on. We want the pupils to feel positive about spelling so we are starting slowly!


Next week we are starting our main topic Night v's Day. An owl sanctuary will be visiting on Tuesday with some of their birds. We also are starting the topic with Art. The children will be experimenting with powder paints and mixing paint to make secondary and opposite/complimentary  colours. If you have any old, over size shirts that you no longer need please send them into school next week.


Enjoy the weekend and see you next week,

Mrs Williams, Mrs Haden, Miss Williams, Mrs Mac and Mrs Pointon


Our first post!!  08/09/17


A very warm welcome to all our new parents particularly those of you who are new to the school. We hope your children have been coming home full of enthusiasm and telling you about their day? We are very pleased with the way that they have settled into our routines.


Tonight they have brought home the last book from year 2. Please read the book and return it on Monday. As the week progresses we will change the books and teach the children how to use Micro library to scan their books. As you can imagine this takes time, so please be patient. If you have any concerns catch us at the gate. 


Home work is glued into their book on the first double page. Encourage your child to write and colour neatly. They can present their work in any way they like - writing, drawing, photos, scrapbook, etc. Try to get into a good routine with the homework, returning it on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. We look forward to seeing what the children produce.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Williams, Miss K Williams, Mrs Haden, Mrs Mac and Mrs Poynton

To you all,

First of all can I say thank you for the support that you have given us all in year 3 this year. Also for the very kind gifts and cards that we have received over the last few days. We have been astonished and have loved reading the wonderful messages in the cards and little notes. Many thanks! 


As you all know Mrs Morgan is leaving for a new job starting in September! We have loved being part of her journey into the teaching profession and wish her the very best of luck with her new reception class. Cae'r Nant are very lucky to have her and we will miss her. Thank you Mrs Morgan for the hard work that you have put in this year. It's been great working with you. x 


Lastly, can I wish you all a wonderful summer. Keep safe and keep reading - remember the Summer Reading Challenge in the local libraries.


Have fun,

Mrs Williams and the 3 team.

Hi all,


We have had a brilliant week - STEM week was a great success! We have got some budding future scientist and engineers in year 3, that's for sure. We still have one activity to complete next week - the bridge building challenge! We hope the children have come home telling you all about the oobleck and all the other fun activities that we have done this week. Lots of pictures on Twitter!!


Sports day has been brilliant today. It was good to see so many of you there and if you were unable to come, you would have been extremely proud of your children, running on a proper athletics track and showing excellent sporting manners. Well done Mr Prytherch for organising the event. He makes it look so easy, but a lot of hard work goes into the smooth running of the day. Thank you.


Next week is the last of the year!! It has gone so quick! We will be collecting reading books on Monday. Lots of things will come home so a large strong plastic bag will be very useful.


Have a restful weekend,

The Year 3 Team.

Hello everyone

The highlight of the week has been our exclusive prior view of the Year 6 performance. We were amazed by the quality of the singing and acting and the children felt excited about the fact that they would be getting the chance to do this in only a few year time! It will soon come around!

Thank you for completing the questionnaires for our more able and talented register. We have loved reading them! There are only a few outstanding – please send them in next week if you haven’t done so yet. It is a good chance to celebrate your child’s achievements and really focus on their strengths.

At the end of next week we will be collecting in all of the children’s reading books. Please ensure that any stray books are brought into school so that we can scan them back into the school library.

Next week is STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). We have a whole week of exciting activities planned – so watch this space!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

From the Year 3 Team.




Hello everyone


We have had another enjoyable week in Year 3. We are coming to the end of our "Habitat Hassle" topic now. This week we have looked in detail at food chains and classification keys, which has been really interesting. We have also enjoyed reading descriptions of animals in Welsh and answering questions. Our ICT work this week has included creating an animal Powerpoint presentation, which the children have saved into their own personal google drives.


The highlight of the week, of course, has been the much anticipated "Going up day" which always causes much excitement as the children meet their new teacher. The children have had the opportunity to ask questions and familiarise themselves with their new classrooms. They are all "expert" juniors now and we have high hopes for them in Year 4!


The children are all getting rather tired now so we have decided not to set anymore formal homework tasks. However, we would like you to continue reading as often as possible and helping your children with times tables and mental maths as you go about your daily business. If you can maintain a focus on this and keep them part of your routine, it really will pay dividends when your child moves into Year 4. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone - we are hoping for the sunshine to return!

The Year 3 team



Hi All, 

Homework this week is for parents too!! Folded into the Homework books is a questionnaire for you to fill in about your child. It will help us to keep accurate and up to date records for our More Able and Talented register. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to help us. 


We have now come to the end of our spelling lists. The children have worked extremely hard to improve their spelling and have made huge improvements within their free writing. Keep talking about words at home, use a dictionary for unknown spellings and play spelling games, such as Scrabble and Hangman.


Today, as you may have noticed on Twitter we had a Buddy Reading session with the year 2 children. You may remember this happened last year when your children were year 2. Although this was initially set up to help the year 2 pupils, we have found that it has been just as beneficial for the year 3's! It gives them a sense of maturity and helps them think about their next step into year 4. (Going up day is next Thursday!) Over the next few weeks we will be having more joint work with year 2 - Golden Time, play times and Forest School sessions.

Hope that you have a great weekend,

Team Year 3.



Friday 16th June 2017


We've had another lovely week. We have continued with our Habitat Hassle topic with much enthusiasm. We loved watching the videos of ways in which children around the world travel to school. The children were amazed at the 4/5 hour journeys which some children have to endure just to get an education. 


We have really enjoyed playing some maths games this week. Dice games are a fabulous way to help children to use their mental maths skills. They even made up some of their own games! Da iawn pawb!


We are trying to use our outdoor space more now that the weather is so lovely. This week we have enjoyed some gardening activities and we have also started to learn the rules of "rounders". We have also been working on our sports day races. 


Homework this week is to finish off the animal learning logs. We are looking forward to seeing them on Monday morning. The spellings are as follows:


























Please remember to supply your child with a water bottle each and every day. The classrooms are warm and it really is an essential!


Have a lovely weekend!


From the Year 3 Team.




"Our World Week" has been fabulous. We have enjoyed designing our own mosaic tile coaster, made delicious pizzas and used the Atlas to examine geographical features of this beautiful country. In order to fit in such a variety of activities, we decided not to do individual reading sessions with the children this week. Instead, children have taken part in short individual silent reading sessions and been invited to hand in their reading record in order for us to put "reading at home" dojos on the system. 


Next term, your child will read with an adult once every two weeks in school, unless there are already specific arrangements for more regular reading to take place. This will allow us to fit in more guided reading sessions, during which we teach specific reading skills. We will of course allocate times when the children can bring reading records for dojos to be logged, to ensure their hard work at home is recognised. We will also begin to introduce more time for children to read quietly and independently as many of them need the encouragement that this is something they are ready to do.


We were amazed by the quality of the homework and have much enjoyed reading and sharing the learning logs. Thank you for working with your children, they are clearly very proud of their work! We have decided to give the children a well deserved break over half term. However, there will be a spelling list and we would encourage you to keep up with the reading and times tables.


The weather is starting to heat up, so after half-term please put sunscreen on your child when necessary and provide them with a hat for playtimes and lunchtimes to keep them safe. All children must also bring a water bottle to school every day.


Spelling list is as follows:

Group 1:







Group 2:







Group 3:







Group 4:










Hi all,

We had a great day on Tuesday with Tony Cope. Hope you saw it all on Twitter! He really is a walking museum. The children responded really positively and Tony complimented us on our fantastic behaviour, beautiful manners and good historical knowledge. A lot of this obviously came from the research the children did for their homework last week on their Roman Learning Log. Thank you for this support. 


Next week is Our World Week and the obvious choice for us is Italy! We will be using the Learning Logs on Tuesday so please ensure that they are completed for then. They could research Italian cars, football teams, pizza or ice cream!! Also if you use holiday brochures for the homework or if you have any spare, please bring them into school. One activity next week is to plan a holiday for their tired teachers!!


 A few parents have asked for the spellings to be put onto the blog and we are happy to oblige with that!


Group 1







Group 2







Group 3 







Group 4







Happy spellings!

Have a lovely weekend

From the Year 3 team.






Hello everyone


Firstly, well done to all our children for their efforts with the national maths tests this week. We were impressed with the way that the children applied themselves and and we would like to thank you for the work you have put in at home.


We are looking forward to our Roman workshop day next Tuesday (16th). We sent out a letter yesterday which explains that have not given an official piece of homework this week because we want to give you time to sort out a costume. If you don't have anything suitable please improvise with long t-shirts and belts! 


We would like you to continue with spellings and reading though! Please try to find time to listen to your child read at least 3 times per week - it really helps and makes a difference. 


Thank you for sending in the PE kits. There are only a few outstanding now. 


Please could you ensure that your child has a water bottle in school every day, especially now that the weather is getting warmer.


That's all for now - have a lovely weekend


The Year 3 team!




Congratulations to our dojo winners and stars this week:

3AM - Blake and Ella

3RW - Oliver and Cialan

Da iawn ****


Hello all!


This week has been a short but busy week. The children have all completed the National reading test and some in-house spelling and comprehension tests. They have coped really well, sitting and concentrating for long periods of time in a mature and sensible manner. We have praised the children for the hard work they have done this week and we would like you to reinforce that message at home.

Homework for this weekend is to have a go at a Maths procedural test in readiness for the real test on Monday morning. We have photocopied an example onto a small black and white booklet which you will find in your child's bag. If you could find time to work with your child on anything they are struggling with this will help them no end. 


We have kept the homework books in school for now but we are missing a few, so if your child's homework book is still at home, please could you send it in early next week please.


Please find time for your child to rest this weekend too. We all need to be on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed for Monday morning. Early bedtimes and healthy food will all help!


Have a lovely weekend.


The Year 3 team.



Hi All,


Hope you had a lovely Easter holiday. The children have come back refreshed and ready to go! As you know, next week we start the National tests and other testing that we regularly do 'in house'. Please ensure that your child has plenty of sleep, brings a water bottle and their reading book every day. If you want to help them please re-visit the activities we have given at the back of the homework books, practise times tables, mental adding and subtracting and reading, reading and more reading!!!


Also, explain that all we want them to do is their best. In the afternoons we will try to give opportunities for the children to relax.


Quite a few children haven't returned their PE kit after the holiday. Some children have grown too and their kit is a bit on the small side. 


Have a great Bank holiday weekend!

See you on Tuesday,


The Year 3 team!






Dear Parents and Carers


Happy Easter to you all. We have had a lovely week. I am sure that the children have talked about the wonderful Easter service and re-creation of Palm Sunday. The children's behaviour was excellent and we hope it is something they will remember for a long time. Today we have cleared the cloakrooms so all PE kits can be washed and returned on the first day of the new term.


Homework for this week is a "Romans" learning log. As always, this can be presented in whichever way your child chooses. We are always impressed with the work which is produced and we are excited to see what they find out. We will be using their research as we take this topic forward.


We have noticed that most children are reading more regularly at home and the improvements are evident. Now that they are fabulous readers themselves, this doesn't mean that they don't love to hear you reading stories to them. Maybe the Easter Holidays will give you the time to do this. Audio books are also a good option if time is pressing.


The children have worked hard this term so we also hope they will have time to rest and relax ready for the Summer term. 


We hope you spot the Easter bunny! Enjoy a chocolate egg (or two!).


Have a lovely holiday


Mrs Williams, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Mac.







Hello everyone!


Well done children on all the work you have done with the maths homework questions we have been putting in the back of your books. We are not marking them, but we are going over them as a class, making sure the children know the strategies for working them out.


We are going to give you a break with the maths this week, but keep working on fun mental maths and times tables if you have time. As this is the last week before Easter, there are also no spellings to learn this week. However, we would love you all to focus as much as possible on reading with your child. Lots of dojo points to be earned!


Homework this week is a punctuation exercise which you will find stuck into the front of your child's book. Next week the children will be writing their own traditional tale and punctuation is going to be one of our assessment focus points.


Have a lovely weekend!


Kind Regs

Mrs Morgan, Mrs Williams, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Mac.

Supporting Maths

24th March 2017


Dear all


What a busy week we have had. We hope you are keeping tabs on Twitter - this is proving to be a super way of communicating with you and raising your awareness about what we are up to. Congratulations to the cross country runners this week and well done to everyone for their generosity today on Red Nose Day. 


Homework for this week is simply to focus on the maths in the back of the homework books as well as general preparation for the May tests. Here is the message you will find in the front of the children's books:




Dear Parents/Carers

Homework for the next few weeks will be to help support your child in his/her preparation for the National literacy and numeracy tests. This can be done in many ways. Reading as much as possible is the best preparation for the literacy tests. If you can check their understanding as well as the technical aspect of decoding the text this will help no end. For the numeracy tests, having fun with numbers is a proven method for developing children’s maths skills. Enjoy quick fire mental maths games in the car, practise times tables and try to incorporate mathematical thinking into everyday tasks such as shopping or cooking.

If you would like to see the format of the tests here are the links for the sample materials.

Have fun!

Mrs Morgan, Mrs Williams, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Mac




We wish all our lovely Mums a wonderful Mothers' Day on Sunday. We hope the children will spoil you and tell you how fabulous you are. 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Morgan, Mrs Williams, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Mac.

Welcome to Year 3!


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Dear Parents and Carers


We do hope you manage to locate our new page for messages!


Firstly, we would like to congratulate the children for their fabulous Celt learning-logs. It was clear that an extraordinary amount of work has been done and we really enjoyed reading them. You will be able to see some examples of the work on Twitter. I am sure you will be as impressed as we are!


This week's homework can be found slotted inside the homework books. There are a couple of questions from the National tests to have a go at. We haven't set any further homework because we are aware that the Celt homework was very time consuming. 


If you are chomping at the bit for more maths work, we would love the children to be practising their times-tables. Also quick fire mental maths on car journeys is always a good idea. There are also lots of maths games on the internet, which children love to do. All of these things will support your child considerably.


In terms of language and literacy, regular reading is the key to everything. Remember to write in the reading record because the children love getting the points.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Morgan, Mrs Williams, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Mac.