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This Week in Year 2



This week we have had a great week in school. We have completed a story map of the Lost and Found book by Oliver Jeffers. In maths we have been leaning about tally charts and pictograms and we made our own charts by asking our friends what were their favourite animals. We then practised our skills, in our Power Maths books,

the children said they found the work a little tricky but did really well!

We had a lovely time doing observational drawings of ice balloons which we used to think of adjectives and similes. The children loved feeling the ice in their hands and watching it melt. They thought of some wonderful words to describe the ice too!


Power Maths

There will be a Power Maths presentation and demonstration lesson for all parents interested in how this is being used in class. This will be on Wednesday 12th February at 9:30am in the infant hall. Please talk to a member of staff for more information.


Have a great weekend!

The Year 2 Team


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


We have had a great start to the New Year in year 2. The children have been busy thinking about 'Class resolutions' and we have talked to the children about our topic this term, which is 'Our Planet'.

We are focusing on the colder regions of Earth during the first half-term. The children have completed some fantastic work, based upon what they already know about cold areas of the world, and have also asked some great questions. This questioning allows them to come up their own lines of enquiry and gives each child a different focus. This is a great way to learn!

This week we have given every child a unique login code to use the 'School Jam' App. This is linked to our Power Maths scheme and provides games and activities to share at home. There are also some great help videos that explain some of the methods that we use to teach new concepts. We hope this will be a valuable resource and something that will give you an idea of what your child has been learning in school.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team

Christmas Concert Week


We have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas concert this week and the children have finally managed to have a practise on the stage. They have done so well putting the show together and can't wait to sing and dance for you next week. Remember year 2 parents are invited to the show on Thursday 12th December, which starts at 9:30am. We look forward to welcoming you to our Christmas performance.


We would like to thank you for all your help and support with providing the wonderful costumes. The children always look amazing when they perform together dressed up.

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Year 2 Team

The Boy who Cried Wolf and Christmas Concerts

Week Beginning 25/11

We have been busy practising our concert songs over the last two weeks and are ready to go into full rehearsals. The children have all been given their parts and are eager to get started. What a great week to begin our practises by visiting Theatr Clwyd to see a real performance and observing how actors stay in character during a show. The children can't wait! Concert performances will take place the week of the 9th December with Year 2 parents invited to watch the show on Thursday 12th. Tickets cost £2 and are limited to two per family. We look forward to welcoming you to our production of 'Lights, Camel, Action!'



The homework tasks this half-term seem to be a success with some children posting their tasks on Twitter and bringing their creations in to school to share with the class. It has been lovely to see their work and the enjoyment they have had working with their families.


Friday 20th September

Welcome to Year 2


The children have had a wonderful 2 weeks in their new classes and have all settled really well. They are getting used to the new Floppy's Phonics and Power Maths schemes and have already produced some wonderful pieces of work.

The guided reading sessions are working well and the children are getting used to working more independently. It has been a great start to the year and the children are enjoying the challenges that we have set them each week.

We will send out copies of the Floppy's Phonics 'Tricky Words' next week, as homework, for the children to practise at home. More details to follow.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the lovely weather!

The Year 2 Team

Well-Being Week

June 3rd


What an exciting first week back we have had after our May half-term holiday. We have really enjoyed our well-being week and the children fully participated in all activities. Our 5 days of Connect, Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning and Be Active were a huge success which were fully supported by the children, parents and extended families. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave up their time to help us which made this such a wonderful week. Below are a few photos of some of the activities that the children took part in........





Next week we have our trip to the Pili Palas and we will be starting our Forest School sessions. Please see Twitter for more information.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team



3rd May

We hope you all had a great Easter holidays with all that sunny weather. The children have come back ready for their last term before they move on to Juniors and what a busy week. We have been on the village trail and a tour of Gladstone Library which was very interesting. The village and the library are going to be the focus of our work until half term before we move on to Mini-beasts.

Next week is also busy as it is time for national tests, Tues and Thurs. They are nothing to worry about which we have emphasised to the children and we have shown them some examples. 

Homework this week is to practice times tables, telling the time and read. Most of all plenty of sleep so they are on top form next week.

Enjoy the longer weekend.

Year 2 team 

29th March

What beautiful weather to end the week. We have been busy writing about the first men on the moon and seeing how far we can fire our rockets. These were the rockets we were given by Spaceport and the children have taken them home tonight. They can make more rockets and see if they can change the design to make them fly further.

The children have also brought home a list of words that are being worked on for both reading and spelling. This list is for you to keep at home and will be updated as the children  progress. Therefore no homework that needs to be completed for Monday this week.

Have a lovely weekend especially Sunday for the mums. We hope you like the gift!


Year 2 team

22nd March

We have been looking at fractions this week, 1/2 1/4 1/3 of shapes and 1/2 of numbers. This proved to be quite tricky so Maths homework again this week. There is a sheet to complete giving more practice on these areas which was put in book bags (inside homework books for Miss Pitt/Mrs Haden’s class). Also have a look at the website mentioned in last weeks blog for some games. There are also a lot of opportunities in everyday life where fractions are used eg cutting up food to share, sharing sweets which would also help understanding. Thanks for your support with homework, it really reinforces the work we do in class.

The children enjoyed their final week of tennis and their second cricket lesson. They have  really developed their skills and both cricket and tennis clubs are available for the children to join. Information was put in book bags.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you next week.

Year 2 Team


15th March

It has been a busy blustery week in year 2. We had a great time at Spaceport and really enjoyed the ferry. The children were very well behaved, a credit to you and the school. We were given rockets to make which w3 have decided to make in school next week and use them for som3 measuring and graphing skills. The children can then take them home. 

Everyone looked amazing in their world Book day outfits and we had a lovely time sharing our books with the reception classes.

Homework this week is a My Maths task on doubling. If you have any trouble getting on the site the children could also have a look at this site that has lots of good games for practicing maths skills 

Next week we will be looking at halving numbers and fractions.

Enjoy your weekend

Year 2 Team



What a fantastic week we have had learning about Chinese New Year. The children have used their homework to complete group posters, which will be displayed in the classrooms. Please feel free to have a look at their work during the parents evenings next week.


Parents Evening slips have all gone out this evening (Friday 15th February) and we have tried to allocate appointments according to your preferred day and time slot. 



Homework this week is to complete the MyMaths activity on time. We have been learning to use both analogue and digital clocks and focusing on O'Clock, Half Past, Quarter Past and Quarter To. Please remember to complete the online lesson before attempting the homework. This homework is also 'Tablet' friendly and can be completed on your normal browser! We have checked this and it worked on our Year 2 iPads.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team


Another busy week comes to an end. We had a visit from the fire service this week explaining their work and how we can keep safe. We also took part in safe internet day very important especially with the online games that some of the children play. 

Next week we are leaving our Space topic for a week on Chinese New Year which will be fun. We hope the children have enjoyed or are enjoying their homework. Please bring it in on Monday as this will be used in our first activity.

Also next week we have a visitor coming in to do some woodwork with us which will continue for a few weeks. We hope to make some new bird tables for out side our classrooms- very exciting.

Enjoy the weekend and try to avoid storm Eric!

Year 2 team

25th January 

Homework this week will be found in the book bags and it is to learn the number bonds to 10 and then 20. This is for you to keep at home because this will be on going practice. 

We all visited the church this week to look at the different parts of the church and we had another tennis session. If you’re on Twitter this week we gave you the name of an app that allows you to see the position of the planets in the sky which the children might find interesting.

See you all on Monday

 Year 2 team


18th January 2019


We are getting into our Space topic. This week we have been looking at aliens and using the ‘Aliens love underpants’ stories. Homework is to draw your own alien and write about it. There is a sheet loose inside your homework books to make it easier to work on.

On Wednesday we had our first tennis session which was great fun but quite a few children did not have their pe kits in school. Can they all be in school next week please and it would be a good idea bring in a pair of jogging bottoms or leggings to add to your kit as we will be outside and the weather is rather chilly.

Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday 

Year 2 team

Friday 30th November


What an extremely busy week! The children have had a fantastic time in school. Their days have been filled with concert rehearsals, theatre visits, watching pantomimes and they even managed to fit in some work too! They should be really proud of how hard they have all worked this week. 



Homework this week is to write a story about their own 'Flying Bedroom'. The children can use the template on the back of the activity sheet, which has been sent home. Children may also like to email their work to Details of how to do this are on the sheet.



Could we please have all costumes, for the Christmas concert, in to school by Friday 7th December!


Have a lovely weekend

The Year 2 Team

23rd November

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Fair. The festive holiday is fast approaching hence the home work this week is learning the words to the class’ song in the Christmas production. Your child may have told you their part in the play. Please don’t worry about costumes too much, we will send more details and lines home next week. 

Next week we also have our visit to Theatr Clwyd for The Flying Bedroom. There were a lot of permission slips and some payments missing. Please can you make sure any are retuned on Monday. We cannot take children without parental consent.


See you on Monday

Year 2 Team

16th November

Just a quick note to say that there is no homework set this week. There is of course reading and you can always use My Maths. There are also the bags to decorate for the Christmas Fayre if you haven’t already done so. Have a super weekend

 Year 2 team

PS There were some wonderful pirates today and some quite scary pirate faces!! We also made up some very funny pirate names.

9th November

Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely half term and are ready now for what will be a very busy few weeks as we approach Christmas.

Homework for this week is a My Maths task that is reinforcing work we have been doing in class this week. Please do the lesson activities before the homework as they are important practice.

Two quick messages for next weeks;

1. We will be making boats following our investigation into materials that float. If you have any empty pots, containers that would be useful to turn into boats could we have them please.

 2. Next Friday is Children in Need day and we are going to have a pirate day in year 2. We are hoping that everyone will dress up as a pirate for the day ( no swords please) and we have some fun activities planned. Please don’t go to lots of trouble, jeans, top, a bandana and may be an eye patch.

Have a lovely weekend 

Year 2 Team

Friday 12th October - Homework


The week beginning 22nd October is ‘Our World’ week in school when each year group chooses a country to base the weeks activities on. Year 2 have chosen Jamaica. To prepare for this we would like you to find out some information and present it however you would like. Here are some things you could find out;


The Flag

What types of foods are special to Jamaica

Any famous Jamaican people ( maybe a very fast runner !)

The weather

The music they like

The different plants/fruit  and vegetables that grow there but not in Wales

The different animals/birds that live there and not in Wales


Please don’t just print information from the internet as you need to be able to tell the class what you have found out

We are going to give you two weeks to do this so we don’t need your books back until Monday 22nd October. Please make sure they are in school then as we will use your work in class that week.

Have a wonderful weekend

The Year 2 Team


Friday 5th October

We have had another wonderful week working on our Pirate topic. The children really enjoyed hunting for Captain 'Terrible Tennant's' Treasure, during their outdoor days, especially as they got a share of the treasure when they found it! We are really enjoying our adventures around the school grounds. Please remember to send your child in with a waterproof coat and wellies on their day, especially as the Autumn weather arrives!




For homework this week we would like the children to remember how to make a treasure map and to create their own at home, using tea or coffee to stain their creations when they have finished. We will stick their maps in their homework books next week.

This task is linked to their Literacy lessons where we have been writing instructions about making Pirate hats and maps.

We hope you have lots of fun completing the task and hopefully some lovely discussions about what the children have been doing in school.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team

28th September 2018


We have had another wonderful week in Year 2 with our first 'Outdoor Day' being a great success. The children had lots of fun walking their partners around a Pirate Trail blindfolded. Please remember to send your child in to school with a waterproof coat on their outdoor day and, if possible, could they have a pair of wellies left on their peg. Mr Williams' outdoor day is on a Monday and Mrs Haden/Miss Pitt outdoor day is a Wednesday.




The children have all been given MyMaths login details to complete their homework online this week. The task set compliments activities we have been completing in class. The letter explains the login process and also how to complete the homework if using an iPad. If you do have any problems then please let us know as soon as possible. We have asked the children to complete the online lesson before attempting their homework task. We hope the children enjoy their first MyMaths activity.


Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 2 Team

21st September

We had a great day at the Maritime Museum this week. Hopefully you all saw the photos on Twitter. The children were very well behaved, it was a pleasure to take them. It has given us a brilliant starting point to our topic so that the children can decide what they are interested in working on in more depth. While mentioning good behaviour if you keep track of dojo points you may have noticed a lack of them towards then end of the week, this is due to us not having iPads for the last couple of days as they are being up dated.

This weeks homework has been stuck into the homework books. We look forward to reading about the famous pirates you have found.

Finally can we just remind you to send your child in with a waterproof coat every day. The weather is very changeable and while the morning may be sunny by afternoon it is pouring as happened on Thursday.

Thanks for that, enjoy your weekend.

Year 2 Team

14th September

We have had a really good week. It has been our first full week so we are all a bit weary today. The homework should be quite a quick one. It is finding the missing numbers in parts of a 100 square and number lines. The children have also got new reading records which have got the children’s approval and two books. They do have their last book from year one so that we can get back in to the swing of reading again after the long holiday.

On Wednesday is our visit to the Maritime Museum when we really kick off our Pirate topic. Please could the children have their lunches in a small back pack rather than a plastic bag as stated on the letter. They are easier to carry and if the children don’t finish all their lunch or have drinks left they don’t get thrown away unnecessarily. Thanks!

Have a lovely weekend.

Year 2 team

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome back after a lovely summer break. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed some wonderful family time together.

The children have had a brilliant first week in their new classes and have already started working hard. They have settled well and have quickly got in to the new routines of year 2.

We will be sending reading books home from next week, this will include their previous reading book from year 1 and a new unpractised book from year 2.



Your child has been sent home with a new blank exercise book, in their book bag.

The first homework task is for the children to cover their book in some way to make it personal and special to them. They can use whatever patterned paper or pictures that they like but please nothing 3D or raised as they will need to be stored in a tray when they are in class.

We look forward to seeing them on Monday.


Have a wonderful weekend


The Year 2 Team


Friday 22nd June

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year two homework this week is to enjoy the lovely summer weather and go on a wildflower walk or hunt in your garden.

Please take the identification sheet with you and tick of the wildflowers that you see. I f you see any others please add them on the back.

A wildflower walk will be part of our Transition activities on Monday. Good luck to our dancers with their Dancefest at Theatre Clwyd tonight.


Please remember own clothes for Forest and outdoor transition on Monday.



Enjoy you’re weekend,

The year two team.

Pili Palas


What a wonderful week we have had in Year 2. The children really enjoyed their trip to Pili Palas in Anglesey and the staff commented on how polite and well mannered they all were. A great credit to the school! We even gave them a reward and let them have a go on the adventure playground, what an exciting day! The children have completed lovely writing about their experiences as part of their work this week.

Our year 2 dancers involved with Dancefest will be having a dress rehearsal at Theatre Clwyd next Thursday. All those involved will arrive late back to school on the day, approximately 3:45pm. A letter with more details will be sent out next week.

The children are really enjoying their Forest Time sessions and have had some lovely experiences looking for animals that are camouflaged and building homes for minibeasts. We look forward to our next sessions.

Homework this week is to complete the MyMaths task on dividing. Please remember to complete the online lesson before attempting the homework task.

Have a great weekend

The Year 2 Team

Homework 8-6-18


This weeks homework is to complete the Jolly Phonics sheet on Prefixes using un, dis, mis and im. The sheet has been stuck in to homework books and the children have had the task explained to them.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team

25th May 2018.

We have all enjoyed Our World week this week and have learnt lots about Australia.

A big thankyou to Mr Wilcocks who came and played his didgeridoo for us and taught us how to make a sound with it. He was very kind to allow us to keep it in the classroom all week. Also thanks to Alex who worked with the children on Ken Done prints for the T shirts we are designing. We are looking forward to seeing the finished T shirts after half term.


Today we had a whole school Our World Assembly and enjoyed listening to songs from the other classes and learning about Italy and Africa. Our contribution was a video which was fantastic, despite problems with our internet connection that meant the green screen was not working. Thanks to Miss Parry and Mrs Cook for putting it together.


We have also been very lucky to receive  a beautiful book from a school in Sydney, telling the children about life in Australia. The school is called Mosman Prep and is near to Taronga Zoo.


Our homework over half term is to write a letter to the children in Ms Levin’s class, telling them all about life in Wales. You can add photographs and drawings and don’t forget to add interesting landmarks or cities  that they may be interested in. Once we have all the letters returned, we will make them into a book and send them to Ms Levine’s class along with some pictures of our Ken Done T shirts.


Enjoy your week off and we look forward to seeing you for another busy half term.


Many Thanks,

The Year two team.


18th May 2018.


We have had another busy week in year 2, and have begun work for our World week so that we are prepared for sharing our work with the rest of the school next week.


Mr Williams visited to have his photograph taken with his class and we were thrilled to see photos of the new baby who, he reports, is doing well.


Mrs Cook's daughter Alex has also visited us this week and has been working with both classes as part of her Art and Design degree. We looked at the work of Ken Done, an Australian Artist and used printing techniques to create our own pictures on fabric. We are looking forward to extending this work next week and after half term. The children are thoroughly enjoying the bright colours that Ken Done uses in his work.


We had a picnic this afternoon for the Royal Wedding and the children made crowns and hats. No homework has been set this week, so that everyone can spend time enjoying the Royal wedding coverage and indeed the sunshine. 


Monday is Outdoor day for both classes again and we have more plants to pot up, as well as planning our new sensory garden at the front of the school.


Enjoy your week end, 


The year two team.

Can't believe another week is over in year two. Well done to all the children for completing their test papers this week.


Homework for this weekend is My Maths. Please remember to do the practise lesson before attempting the homework.


We are all thrilled with the news that Mr Williams and Miss Williams have a new baby boy - Finley Rhys. We are looking forward to meeting him.


Both classes are having  an outdoor day on Monday, planting bedding around our outdoor area.


The year two team



Year 2  4/5/2018


The children have had another fantastic week continuing to look at minibeasts, and have completed lovely work such as research, graphs and more minibeast hunts.

They have all worked extremely hard especially as we have had the 'National tests' to fit in too. What a busy week!

We have decided not to set homework this weekend and ask that the children all enjoy the extra day off school, especially as the weather is getting warmer. They deserve to have a well earned rest, ready to recharge their batteries for the last test on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend and remember if you visit anywhere exciting and want to share photos with us you can email the office and we can show your photos on the screens in our classrooms. The email address is:


The Year 2 Team



Homework 27-4-18

Minibeast Learning Log


This week’s Homework is about Minibeasts.


Choose your favourite Minibeast. Find out as many facts as you can about your minibeast by using the internet or information books . Present your information in a learning log any way you like. You can have pop ups, drawings, photographs, whatever you like.


We’re really looking forward to finding out about your favourite minibeast.


(Kiddle is a useful search engine that we use in school).


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team



We have had a lovely week in Year 2, especially with Spring finally arriving! The children are already working hard within their topic and have had a fantastic time spending a working session outside hunting for Minibeasts, that live around our school. Who would have thought that so many creepy-crawlies live here!

We have also completed lovely minibeast Acrostic poems and worked on time in mathematics. Focusing on O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

We are looking forward to working outdoors again next week, when we will be planting trees around our grounds.


Homework 20-4-2018

Homework this week is to complete the worksheet on 'conjunctions'. The children can use the words and, but, because, or, so and while, to help them to complete their work.


Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team

Summer Term

We hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday and all had a fantastic break. Hopefully the children managed to recharge their batteries and are ready for their final term in Year 2!

This week we have been working on the concept of weight, during our mathematical work. Homework this week is to complete the MyMaths activity on measure. As always we ask that your child completes the practice questions before attempting the homework. 

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team 

Weekly News in Year 2


Wow, what a busy first week back after half-term! Both classes enjoyed their trip to Chester Zoo. The children found out lots of information about where the animals live and the habitats they are used to. They behaved really well and showed lovely manners as they walked around the zoo to both the public and staff. They made us all proud!


We have been finding out about time this week. Our focus has been looking at O’Clock, Quarter past, Half past and Quarter to. We have looked at both analogue and digital times and the children have really enjoyed this and have participated in some exciting practical lessons. Have a look at our Twitter page to see some pictures and videos.


Next week is Our Welsh week as we celebrate St David’s Day on Thursday 1st March. We will completing some lovely lessons and activities during the week and finishing the week off with an Eisteddfod on Thursday. Children will be allowed to wear their own Welsh sports tops and costumes on this day.


We also have World book day, which we are celebrating on Friday 2nd March. Children may dress up as a character from their favourite books and bring the book in to school with them on this day. Please don’t feel that you have to buy an outfit as this can be costly!



This week is to write a review of your favourite book, on the sheet provided. These will be discussed on World Book Day, when the children can dress up as their favourite Character. The book reviews will be displayed in the classroom so please make them look beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 2 Team


Good luck to Wales who are playing Ireland in the Rugby 6 Nations on Saturday!


Some Photos from our trip to the Zoo......





What a busy week it has been in Year 2! We have had two fantastic Parents Evenings where you got to look at your child's wonderful work and to discuss progress made so far this year. Thank you for all the positive feedback and for taking the time to meet with us.

We have had our Safer Internet Day 2018, this week. The children have been learning how they are all linked digitally online and how to stay safe when using devices that can access the internet. They came up with some brilliant ideas and made some fantastic artwork using their ideas.

Have a great half-term break!

The Year 2 Team


Fantastic Work about Digital Footprints

Half-Term Homework

Half-Term Homework 1

Year 2 Spring Week 4 


The children have had another brilliant week working on their 'Our Planet' topic and have completed lots of fabulous work, some of which will be on display around the classrooms for you to see during the parents evenings next week.

We have also been researching our own questions this week during our topic work. It has been lovely to see the children working together and developing their language, personal and social, and creative skills. They will use their research to create their own book and present their findings to Reception children, talking about all the facts that they have discovered this term. We are really looking forward to the final pieces of work being completed over the coming weeks.

Homework this week is to complete the MyMaths activity on Time. We have been looking at both analogue and digital clocks and the MyMaths activity compliments our learning. We only expect the children to read up to 'quarter to' and 'quarter past'. Please remember to complete the online lesson before attempting the homework. Have fun!

Have a great weekend. 

The Year 2 Team!




Year 2 Spring Week 3


We have had another brilliant week in Year 2 with the children completing some excellent pieces of work based upon the 'Our Planet' topic.

The children have been creating their own Polar Animal poems during their Language sessions, using adjectives and similes to help them. They have written some lovely poems which you will be able to see during our parents evenings over the next few weeks.

Maths this week has been focused on using number bonds to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. The children have worked hard at this and have really started to get the hang of the skill.

Homework is to complete the 'Jolly Phonics' sheet on Adverbs. Children have used verbs in their group rotations and are beginning to understand how verbs are used to form sentences. The sheet explains how to complete the task. We hope you enjoy completing the work with your child.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team

How I can help with Maths

Happy New Year!

The children have settled back in to their routine after the Christmas break and have completed some excellent pieces of work over the last two weeks. 

Our topic this term is 'Our Planet'. The children are really enthusiastic about this and have already had lots of good ideas to support them in their research. We can't wait for you to see their books during parents evening!

Homework this week is a Mymaths activity on number facts and doubles. We remind you to complete the online lesson before completing the homework task.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team