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Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC)

New 'Being a Parent' groups start this term on Monday 10th October from 7-9pm. The groups will run for 8 weeks (excluding October half term).



Feedback from previous course:

“The group has made me realise that I am good enough.”  “It will help improve my relationship with my daughter.” “I’m really enjoying the course, it is nice meeting the other mums and it's reassuring knowing you are not the only person feeling the way you do. It’s been a boost and a release if I’m honest, makes me feel less alone.”


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Parent Voice Flintshire - have your say!

Flintshire Early Years are delivering a Flintshire wide consultation with parents and carers of children aged from 0 – 7 years. Read full details here...


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Adult Learning Wales

Free online courses for parents


Help your child with maths and reading.

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A bag of rice, a can of soup, a ball of string...Help your child to learn with Mike Gerson...

Take advantage of some fantastic FREE resources, designed especially for you to help your child at home. 

The What If Box; Build it, Make it, Draw it; The Movement Games Collection and Infographics - extraordinarily innovative ways to help your child learn using common items in your home. Rice, string, soup...

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PRAMS Parental Resilience and Mutual Support

a FREE community service for local parents - read full details in PDF below...

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for parents-to-be, parents, grandparents and carers...valid from April 2020 to November 2022!

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